Pilgrim pilaf with vegetables

Bulgur pilaf with vegetablesis a recipe.


  1. 300 g bulgur;
  2. 1 medium zucchini or zucchini;
  3. 1-2 big sweet peppers;
  4. 3 young carrots;
  5. 2 small stems of leeks (white part)
  6. 300 grams of corn kernels;
  7. olive oil;
  8. 1 tbsp. l. seeds of zira
  9. salt, freshly ground black pepper.


Weld bulgur, following the instructions on the package. Cut the zucchini or zucchini, peeled sweet peppers and carrots in small pieces. Cut the leek in half, rinse from the sand, cut into thin half rings.

Separately, quickly fry all the vegetables in olive oil - to a light softness, let them remain crispy (it is better to fry the leek until softness).

Pour a little oil into a clean frying pan and sprinkle the zir. Fry until the seeds crackle, then pour in the corn, fry for 2 minutes. Mix the cooked bulgur with all the vegetables, season with salt, pepper and olive oil, serve hot or cooled, like a salad.

Instead of a bulgur, you can take couscous or small-format paste for such a pilaf — orzo ("rice"), stellini ("asterisks") or petite ("Israeli bulgur"). Fine paste should be boiled in salted boiling water and then thrown back onto a sieve, as usual.

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