Plumbing consumables: important stuff for a big repair

Under the consumables in the plumbing refers to various kinds of sealants and seals, allowing to achieve tightness of the connection pipelines. They are usually divided into two types: sealing materials and seals.

A traditional sealing agent for threaded pipe connections is sanitary flax. Its fibers are wound on the threads of the pipe thread, after which the coupling is wound onto it. Fibers fiber seal the joint, not allowing water to leak out. Seals are usually made of hard, elastic materials: rubber, paronite or fluoroplastic.


As already mentioned, the classic means for sealing is fiber sanitary flax. But at the present time he has been pressed by new, more modern materials, more convenient to use.For example, such as plumbing thread, FUM tape. In addition, in recent years, various types of silicone sealants, sealing adhesives and plastics have become widespread. They are even more convenient to use, do not require special skills in the application and are well suited for sealing joints.


Various seals are made, including complex shapes of the following materials:

  • Rubber, used for sleeves, as well as for gaskets and seals of the connection and pipe joints;
  • Teflon - available in the form of tape FUM or cord, used for packing glands and sealing threaded connections;
  • Paronite - gaskets from it are used in pipelines with special working conditions, with high temperature conditions and pressure.

Do not forget the cement mixes used to install toilet bowls, various kinds of silicone gels for sealing joints.

Selection and use of seals and sealing means

In some cases, for threaded connections, a conventional sealing material in the form of a sanitary thread or a FUM tape is sufficient.When winding in the joint, the fibers of the sealer fill the empty spaces in the threads and the hollows of the thread, preventing leakage of fluid. The assortment of this kind of sealing means is quite wide, it is not possible to choose the necessary labor, for example, here

Gaskets are used mainly for flange mounting or when installing plugs. The principle of action of the seal of elastic material is in its tight clamp, the edges of the joint. While compressing, the elastic material completely encloses the edges of the joint, preventing the passage of water.

Glue and silicone sealants, as well as sealing pastes are used to quickly fix pipelines operating at low loads. Unlike other sealants, sealants do not require application skill, and are very easy to use.

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