Poems for March 8 for children at the matinee in the kindergarten and school - examples of long and short beautiful texts

Long and short beautiful poems for March 8 for children are collected in our new collection and are available for free download. These works are ideal for memorizing and reciting on a matinee on the occasion of a beautiful women's holiday in school or kindergarten. The simplest short couplets in 4 lines will be easily remembered by kids 3-4 years old. The rhymes, touching to tears, will quickly be memorized and 5-6 year old children will read aloud at the solemn event with expression. Funny, funny, optimistic and joyful poems with pleasure will be performed by children from 7 years and older. Such performances will cause a storm of applause and give a lot of warm emotions and joyful sensations, both to small artists and spectators.After all, every mother, grandmother or sister who came to the matinee in honor of March 8 in a kindergarten or school will be pleased and flattered to hear inspired and trembling congratulations in verse from her daughter, son, grandson or granddaughter.

Poems for March 8 for children at the matinee in the kindergarten and school - examples of long and short beautiful texts

Short and beautiful children's poems for March 8

Poems for March 8 for children at the matinee in the kindergarten and school - examples of long and short beautiful texts

Lovely, gentle, short and beautiful children's poems by March 8 will be a wonderful and very touching gift for a teacher in kindergarten, a teacher in school, mother, grandmother, sister or neighbor. Adults should find the right text and help the child learn it by heart. When the holiday comes, the kid reads the rhymed lines to the hero of the celebration and presents her with a small bouquet of flowers or a cute souvenir made by her own hands. Even the most restrained and not prone to sentiments the woman will favorably receive such a sincere, touching surprise and in her soul will be glad to see how sensitive, attentive and warm the child grows.

New collection of short, beautiful children's poems on March 8

March 8 will be bright let

Chase away all sadness.

I wish you happiness and success, mother,

Be always joyful, contented yourself.


On the eighth of March, let the flowers smell sweet,

The eyes of happiness brightly let them shine.

Well-being, harmony, spring!

Good, love, good luck, beauty!


A beautiful spring has come,

I brought a holiday with me.

I wish you joy, love.

Let the days be perfect.


Congratulations on Women's Day!

You love and happiness in the house,

So that you do not know sorrow,

Often flew to the sea.


There is nothing more wonderful than spring

In her holiday there is goodness and beauty.

I wish a lot of happiness and flowers,

The most pleasant and beautiful words.

Poems from daughter and son on March 8 mom

Poems for March 8 for children at the matinee in the kindergarten and school - examples of long and short beautiful texts

Beautiful poems from the daughter and son on March 8, the mother should sound gentle, touching and lyrical. In the melodic rhymed lines you need to express all the most beautiful and sublime feelings that a woman who gives life gives in her soul. Do not be shy and worry that the phrases will be too reverent. Mom, after hearing such cordial congratulations, will certainly appreciate it and will certainly be pleased with the fact that she managed to raise an indifferent and self-satisfied, but kind, sincere and honest child. This feeling will be the best holiday gift and will fill the parent with a feeling of joy, pride and happiness.

Top festive verse list for March 8 mom from a son or daughter

Mommy darling, dear!

We congratulate you on the holiday!

We wish you happiness and success in everything!

And also love is great without an edge!


Our mother is the best!

With her to argue - just a sin!

Even my dad says:

"I got a rare look."

And today, on Women's Day,

We will overcome our laziness.

Prepare a delicious dinner -

Moms too need a rest.


Dear Mom! On the 8th of March!

I wish you health, I wish you success,

More smiles, merry laughter!

I wish you spiritual happiness

What would the door did not knock trouble and bad weather.


How to express the cherished words

Beloved, the best - my mom

I will cling to her and hug me tightly -

She will understand how I love her ...


Dear Mom from the 8th of March you!

From the bottom of my heart congratulations loving.

I wish to shine like a beautiful crystal

Mummy, my dear, you are my ideal!

Beautiful poems from the grandson and granddaughter on March 8 grandmother

Poems for March 8 for children at the matinee in the kindergarten and school - examples of long and short beautiful texts

The most pleasant, beautiful poems from a grandson and granddaughter on March 8, grandmother are posted on our website and are available for free download. Moms, dads, older sisters or brothers will help the boys and girls choose the best piece. Then you will need to learn it by heart in order to please your beloved grandmother on a beautiful festive day and to recite to her aloud an inspired, joyful and optimistic poem.

In the kind, lovely lines should contain the most sincere congratulations on March 8 and pleasant wishes.It is appropriate to supplement this creative performance with a few simple phrases in which the child expresses his love for his grandmother and thanks her for her care. An elderly woman, literally, will melt away from such a manifestation of attention and will be touched to the depths of her soul. After all, for the older generation it is very important to feel your need for a family and to feel that it is really appreciated. And on March 8, it gives an opportunity to fully demonstrate the sincere attitude to the grandmother on the part of the grandchildren. So why not take advantage of this wonderful occasion and not please your loved one with a few poetic lines woven from the most tender, touching and kind words ?!

A collection of beautiful poems by March 8 for a grandmother from a grandson and granddaughter

Better grandmother's favorite

There is no one in the world.

Congratulations on March 8,

I wish her many years.

Let happiness bloom,

Smiling, singing,

Pies treats

And it does not give us sadness!


Dear granny, you are my joy

I hold you tight and love you.

You are dearer to me all, all are kinder than you.

For you, dear, gentle flowers!


Be healthy, live for many years

And me, Grandma, forgive me for everything!

Let not your beauty wither at all,

After all, our entire family is proud of you!


Granny, this day is spring

I want to wish you

Live long, bright, without worrying

And never lose heart!


I wish my heart to sing

So that only joy life bore,

So that you, my dear, do not hurt

And, like a rose, bloomed!


Congratulations on Women's Day,

Grandma, we are you.

You are still quite

Young lady


You are a fairy with us

Kind, as in a fairy tale.

You surround your grandchildren

Warmth and affection.


Be happy, do not be ill,

Smile more.

Know, your pancakes

There is no sweeter in the world.


Happy International Women's Day

You, granny dear!

Let the joy wait for you around,

So that you do not know the edge of happiness!


Let your eyes shine

Cheerful, bright light,

The soul blossoms today,

Like a beautiful flower!

Touching verses for memorizing on March 8 for children 5-6 years old

Poems for March 8 for children at the matinee in the kindergarten and school - examples of long and short beautiful texts

To tears, touching verses for memorizing on March 8 for children 5-6 years old should be chosen responsibly and carefully. Too long texts are useless here. 2-3 verses will be quite enough. Their children will be easily remembered and after several rehearsals they will be able to recite beautifully and expressively at the matinee. Educators, parents and invited guests will be delighted with such pleasant performances and will reward the kids with their first well-deserved applause.

It is possible to compile a common collective number from the gentle and inspired rhymed works, when the children take turns reading the couplets dedicated to the beautiful holiday, and then hand presenting small gifts, made with their own hands, to present moms and grandmothers, for example, postcards, paper flowers or some other crafts from improvised materials. Parents will really like such an unexpected turn of events, and they will appreciate the creative abilities of their favorite kids.

Accompany the poetic speech is quite appropriate unobtrusive beautiful melody. It can be a live accompaniment or a loss that a kindergarten music director will perform on a violin, piano or accordion. If this is not possible, ordinary tracks and songs downloaded from the Internet and played on a computer connected to the speaker system will help. They will serve as a uniting element and give the scattered verse works the necessary sonority and integrity.

Somewhat to tears of touching poems by March 8 for learning to children 5-6 years

I congratulate mommy

Happy holiday

I will do for my mother

Anything I want

I'll take my table,

Wash my toys,

I will put a bed


Together with the doll Nina

Bake cookies

Although plasticine,

But after all the treats.

Our gift to mom

We will put on the table

Together with the doll Nina

Mom congratulations.


In the world

Kind words

Lives a lot

But all are kinder

And tender one thing -

Of two syllables

The simple word "ma-ma",

And there are no words

More dear than it!


I'm a multicolored lecture

Give decided mom.

I tried, painted

Four karabandas.

But first I am red

Pressed too hard

And then, for a beautiful day

Violet broke,

And then the blue broke,

And the orange broke ...

Everything equals portraits beautiful

Then what is it - mom!


The eighth of March, the holiday of moms, -

Tu-tuk! - knocks on the door to us.

He only comes to that house

Where help mom.

We'll sweep the floor for mom,

On the table we will cover ourselves.

We will make dinner for her,

We sing and dance with her.

We paints her portrait

As a gift we will draw.

- They do not recognize! Wow! -

Here mom will tell people.

And we always,

And we always,

We always will be like this!


Spring Festival in the yard -

Cheerful, warm the most.

We are smiling lightly

All grandmothers and mothers.


Ring fervent brooks -

Goodbye, goodbye, winter.

Spring will come to us

Celebrate herself.

Funny verses for March 8 for children 9-10 years old in school

Poems for March 8 for children at the matinee in the kindergarten and school - examples of long and short beautiful texts

This section contains cool poems on March 8 for children of 9-10 years old, ideal for a festive matinee in school. Children wishing to take part in the solemn event will need to memorize them, and then read out loud and expressively from the stage. This is a classic version of congratulations on a beautiful spring holiday. It is always appropriate and harmoniously fits into the script of any orientation.

If you want to show imagination and creativity, you can accompany the rhymed lines with delicate music or a bright themed video presentation. These elements will add a number of colors and make it spectacular, catchy and unforgettable.

A no less successful idea is to illustrate the text with a costumed mini-staging. It will give the poem clarity and make it more capacious and meaningful.

Variants of cool poems by March 8 to school for children 9-10 years old

Happy International Women's Day

Mom, I congratulated

And to the old cards in the album

New added!

Mom throws the cover,

Beautiful cover

And sees how year after year

I grow little by little.

Under every card of mine

The number and year is marked.

I want to grow faster

Fly years to meet!

I try to celebrate them

Good deeds,

That was fun to meet

My mother's holiday!

Spring morning binder

Throws mom blue

And he will say: “This is how a son grows!

No wonder she raised her son! ”


A beautiful sunny dolce

Hastens to congratulate children

All moms, teachers and very

We wish you happiness, well,

Smiles, joy, patience.

March 8 - Women's Day!

Accept these congratulations,

We praise you not too lazy.

We will help you with work

And surround with care.


I bring to school today

Fragrant mimosa,

Bouquet wrapped in cellophane

From light frost.


At first could not understand

- Oh, I'm such a muddy!

- Why girls congratulate?

But dad explained to me:


From each grow must

Capricious stubborn

Someone faithful wife

And affectionate mother!


On the Day of the Eighth of March

Mommy's favorite

I will give the sun

Ray golden-maned!

Let the ray touch

My mother's head,

Kiss on the cheek

Gentle and embarrassing!

Through the clouds right

My ray is playful

Will warm mom

Golden mane,

Eyes tickle,

Having fun playing

And wake up mom

Smiling at the sun!


Spring is in the yard!

After the winter fierce cold

Wakes up from sleep

All nature.Even puddles

Will not cover the ice overnight

The sun is chasing the winter away!

Swelling juice of the kidney,

And green leaves

Soon in the breeze

Will play! Meanwhile

The colors of the sun by the river

There are lights!

All! The frosts are over!



We drew today

For mamul flowers:

Someone is in a vase, someone is in a bouquet,

Well, I'm on a hummock.

Because my gift is

Tear is not allowed:

Red book primroses

Strictly guarded.

I will give my mother a flower

What grows on a hummock ...

For unpicked snowdrop

She will kiss her daughter.

Mom knows: tear snowdrop -

Bad and insidious!

For drawing thrifty

Will be grateful!

Poems-quatrains in honor of March 8 for children of 3-4 years old at the matinee in the garden

Poems for March 8 for children at the matinee in the kindergarten and school - examples of long and short beautiful texts

The teacher should pick up verses-quatrains in honor of March 8 for children of 3-4 years old at the matinee in the kindergarten. Then it will be possible to find truly beautiful, joyful and optimistic lines that kids can easily memorize, and then on the holiday day they will recite with an expression in the presence of their parents and guests.

It is very important to realistically assess the capabilities of their wards and to provide each child with a work that he will memorize with little effort and be able to pronounce clearly and without hesitation.The right of the first performance should be given to relaxed, artistic children who are not afraid to perform on stage and be in the center of attention. Babies who are shy and stewed should be encouraged and it is easy to explain that there is nothing terrible in the recitation from the scene.

In order for the verse numbers to be successful, it is advisable to rehearse several times in advance first with each child separately, and then with the whole group together. Children should clearly remember the sequence and strictly follow it at the matinee. After such thorough preparation, the event will be successful and will bring a lot of pleasure and positive emotions to both participants and mothers, fathers, grandmothers and other relatives invited to the holiday.

Examples of the quatrain for March 8 at the matinee in the garden for 3-4 year old children

Grandma and mom I congratulate

Happy spring! Joy, warmth!

Smile more often, let any dawn

You bring happiness for many, many years.


Since March 8, dear ones:

Mothers, grandmothers relatives,

Let it be all right

And it's always warm in the shower!


Spring came to us again,

Again the holiday brought.

Happy spring day

And with a good mood!


I'm almost big

I congratulate all women,

From the heart of you today,

I wish you happiness!


The sun in the sky is blue

A holiday comes to our house,

It is spring, clear, bright,

He brings us gifts.

Where to download free short children's poems for March 8, mother and grandmother

Poems for March 8 for children at the matinee in the kindergarten and school - examples of long and short beautiful texts

You no longer need to waste time searching, where to download poems for March 8 for children dedicated to mother and grandmother. All the best texts for memorization are on our website and are available absolutely free. For kids 3-4 years old, we offer simple short pieces in 4 lines. They are easily remembered and well perceived by ear. You can read them out loud at home on a holiday day or in a kindergarten at a matinee.

Funny, funny, fun and optimistic rhymed lines are suitable for children 5-6 years. It will not be difficult for them to memorize 3-4 verse verses, and then recite them with an expression at a solemn event organized in the kindergarten in honor of the March 8 holiday.

Long and beautiful, moving to tears, touching works dedicated to mother, grandmother or sister will be performed on a school matinee by a boy and a girl 7 years old and older. All female relatives invited to the spring celebration will be very pleased to hear from their daughter, son, grandson or granddaughter beautiful,tender and inspired words about love, spring and happiness.

A selection of short children's poems from March 8 for mothers, grandmothers and sisters - for free download

From colored paper cut a piece.

From it I will make a little flower.

Mom, I'll cook a gift.

I have the most beautiful mother!


Today is a holiday, this is a holiday! Holiday grandmothers and moms.

This is the most kind holiday, he comes to us in the spring.

It is a festival of obedience, congratulations and flowers,

The connivance, the adoration, the feast of the best words.


I love my mom

I will give her a gift.

I made a gift myself

From paper with paints.

I'll give it to Mom,

Hugging tenderly.


In March there is such a day

With a figure like a pretzel.

Who of you guys know

The number that means?

The children will tell us in unison -

This is a celebration of our moms!


Drops of sunlight

Splashes of sunny summer

We carry today into the house,

We give to my grandmother and mother,

Congratulations on a women's day!

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