Poland is a country worth visiting

To get an unforgettable experience, it is not necessary to go to foreign countries. All the best and most amazing can be near you! Want to see a developed European country and relax in the best resorts? Go to Poland!

Beautiful architecture

What country is it?

The Republic of Poland is a state located in central Europe. In the north it is washed by the Baltic Sea. The country borders with Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, the Czech Republic, Germany, as well as with Slovakia. The capital of Poland is the beautiful city of Warsaw.

Lively area

The official language of the country is Polish. The population of the state is about 38-39 million people, and the area of ​​the territory is 312,679 km2. The country is inhabited by a large number of believers who profess Catholicism (Catholics here have more than 80%). Poland has an unusual territorial administrative division. So, its territory is divided into 16 provinces.

In turn, voivodships are divided into districts, and districts - into gminas. And in every administrative unit there are local authorities with certain powers.

Climate and nature of Poland

The climate in Poland is temperate, changing from sea to continental. Winter is quite mild, and summer is warm. But in the mountainous regions it is much cooler. In winter, temperatures can drop to -5 degrees (in mountainous areas to -10), and in summer, the thermometer usually ranges between 18-22 degrees (in the mountains, the average temperature is 15 degrees).

Since the climate is rather mild, there are no sharp changes in temperature. Most of the precipitation in this country occurs in the summer (July and August), and the least - in March. As for water temperature, it usually does not exceed 19-20 degrees in rivers. The sea is even cooler (no more than 18 degrees).


Most of the territory of Poland (about ¾) is occupied by lowlands. And in the south, the territory of the state intersects the majestic Sudat and Carpathian mountains. In the west and north of Poland, dense forests grow (they occupy more than 25% of the territory), in which there are numerous purest lakes.

There are also many rivers in Poland, the largest of them are Audra and the Vistula. Forests are mainly represented by deciduous species such as ash, oak, birch, maple, and so on. The fauna is not too diverse, which is associated with the widespread development of territories. In the forests you can find bison, deer, wolves and foxes.

How to get there?

It is most convenient to get to Poland by plane, the travel time will be about 3-4 hours depending on the point of departure. Regular flights are carried out by all known airlines from large cities. If desired, you can get to the capital and by train, in this case you will have to spend 1-1.5 days on the road.

Visa and customs regimes

Since Poland is included in the list of countries participating in the Schengen Agreement, a visa is required to enter the country. It takes an average of 10-14 days.

To obtain a visa, you will need to provide some documents: a photo (size 3.5x4.5), a completed application form, railway or air tickets, documents confirming a hotel reservation, a bank statement or other document confirming financial solvency, a certificate of employment , foreign and civil passports and their copies, as well as medical insurance.

Consular fee is 35 euros.In addition, when submitting documents through the Visa Center for some services, you also have to pay.

It is worth knowing in advance about the customs rules. Imports of tobacco, alcohol and perfume, as well as gasoline and some medicines are restricted. Subject to the declaration of import of old books and jewelry.

Where to stay?

Beautiful country

In Poland, you can find both one-star and five-star hotels. At the same time, the quality of services corresponds to generally accepted international standards. You can also find small and very budget hotels located in old houses. And in the ski resorts a network of boarding houses and guest houses.

Polish culture

The culture of Poland is distinctive and rich. All Poles love holidays and respect cultural traditions. But some rituals have already lost their former significance and turned into a kind of tribute to their ancestors, in remembrance of past times. All inhabitants of the country are polite and hospitable.

Polish cuisine

If you are lucky enough to go to Poland, then you are unlikely to see garbage on the streets, as the Poles are sober about cleanliness and observe order. Children are brought up rather strictly here. And the family is for many the most important part of life.

All holidays are celebrated in Poland with family. The Poles are mostly believers, so they are serious about religious events. Here are the most popular holidays:

  • Christmas is celebrated on December 25th.
  • Independence Day is celebrated here on November 11th.
  • Constitution Day is celebrated on May 3rd.
  • Resurrection of the Lord.
  • Easter.
  • Day of the Lord's Body.
  • Andrzejki - the day of St. Andrzej, celebrated on November 30th.
  • St. Nicholas Day is celebrated on December 6th.
  • All Saints Day (Day of the Dead) is celebrated on November 1 and 2.
  • Many celebrate the New Year.

Resorts of Poland

There are snow resorts

We list the resorts and major cities of Poland:

  • Warsaw is the capital of Poland, as well as a city with stunning architecture and historical monuments. It's incredibly beautiful here! By the way, the Old Town of Warsaw was restored and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • Krakow is sometimes called “Slavic Rome”, since the history of this beautiful city has more than ten centuries.
  • Szczyrk is a beautiful place located at the foot of two mountains in the valley of the river Zilitsa. This resort is one of the largest and can compete with popular alpine resorts.Every year there are competitions in winter sports.
  • Gdansk is a scientific, historical, tourist and cultural center of the country, as well as a real sea capital with a population of half a million.
  • Zakopane This resort is located at the foot of the only mountains in the state of alpine style. Zakopane is not only a beautiful place, but also the winter capital of the state, in which everyone can try their hand at winter sports.
  • Wisla is a resort town located at the source of the eponymous river.
  • Wieliczka. Here is the largest salt cave.
  • Korpach is a beautiful skiing, tourist and health resort located right at the foot of the Сnieкаka mountain.
  • Krynica. Today this place is called the pearl of health resorts. There are many mineral springs and sanatoriums built around them.
  • Wroclaw is probably the most beautiful city in Poland.

Interesting places

There are many locks

What to see a tourist on holiday in Poland? There are many places that deserve the attention of tourists. Most popular attractions:

  • Auschwitz is the most famous concentration camp.
  • Royal Castle in Krakow.
  • Royal Castle in Warsaw.
  • Palace Square in Warsaw.
  • Stare Miasto in Warsaw is one of the most beautiful areas of the capital.
  • Artus yard in Gdansk - a complex of beautiful stone buildings.
  • Grunwald - a place of great bloody battle.
  • Krakow's Market Square is one of the largest medieval squares in all of Europe.
  • Ksenj Castle - a palace built in the XIII century.
  • Historical Museum of Warsaw.
  • Krakow water park is one of the largest in all of Eastern Europe.
  • The statue of the Warsaw Siren is a symbol of the country's defense.
  • Wawel Dragon - a symbol of Krakow.
  • The Salt Museum, located in the Wieliczka Salt Mine.
  • Museum of caricature in Warsaw.
  • Marie Curie Museum.
  • Planty is a park ring that surrounds the Old Town of Warsaw.
  • Neptune Fountain in Gdansk.
  • Royal Route in Warsaw.
  • Park Royal Lazienki.
  • Inverted house is located in a small village in Poland.

Let Poland give you a lot of interesting and most pleasant impressions and emotions!

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