Popular varieties and varieties of gatsaniya



Gatsania is a low-growing bush plant, it grows no more than 30 cm. Leaves of green color and various forms form a dense rosette. Some varieties of gazania on the back of the leaves have silvery hairs, which protects against loss of moisture and cold. The flower begins to bloom 3 months after planting, in July - August and before the start of frost. It blooms only in clear weather. In the evening and in cloudy weather, the inflorescences are closed. Petals differ in various coloring, can be painted in one or two contrasting colors.

Types of gazanii

More than 40 species of African chamomile are known. Particularly popular are hybrid varieties, characterized by large inflorescences and bright colors.

Gatsania hybrid.The inflorescences reach a diameter of 10 cm, differ in shape - simple and terry. Have a long flowering period and resistance to temperature changes. The variety of coloring favorably distinguishes this variety from others.

Gatsania one-flowered.The height of the bush is 12-15 cm. Light-yellow inflorescences are about 5 cm in diameter, it blooms from July to September.

Gatsaniya harsh.Perennial plant with dark green leaves. Baskets, 5-6 cm in diameter, are painted in two contrasting colors and are surrounded by white, orange or rose petals. Blooms in late June. The most common variety.

Gatsania long-rifle.Flowers yellow - brown color with a diameter of up to 7 cm. Begins to bloom from late summer until the first frost.

Gatsania brilliant.It stands out among all the flowers in the garden for its unusual beauty and shape of flowers. It opens only in sunlight.

Gatsania peacock.Flowers with a diameter of 8 cm, yellow or orange color with black divorces in the center. Flowering time - July.

The gatsania is linear.Flowers with many varieties of colors, with stripes and patches on the petals. Occurs in 2-3 weeks, if it is planted in fertile soil. It blooms to the frost.


Planting and care

Planting plants stands in a sunny area, without drafts in fertile soil. Before planting, the soil is well digged and fertilized. It is important the absence of groundwater, the flower has a long root.

Planted gatsanyu begin in May. Planted with a peat bag, so as not to damage the root. The distance between the bushes 18-20 cm.

Water as needed. Excess moisture is contraindicated in colors. With excessive dryness the flowers begin to shrink.

Regular fertilizer plants will help in the formation of large buds and long flowering. As a top dressing you can use fertilizers for garden flowers.

The plant is resistant to pests and diseases. May coexist with any plants.

In order for new flowers to form faster, you should regularly remove faded ones.

Gatsania, or ghazania, is a beautiful flower that does not require much care.

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