Potato Roses with Parmesan

You will need
  • - potatoes (7 pcs.);
  • - Parmesan cheese (200 g);
  • - butter (100 g);
  • - black pepper (1/3 tsp);
  • - Red pepper (1/3 tsp.).
Cooking mashed potatoes. Cooked peeled potatoes in salted water with a small piece of butter.
When the potatoes are boiled, pour out some of the water Add a little more butter, salt and crush the potatoes until a homogeneous air mass is formed.
In the finished mashed potatoes add red and black pepper.
Three on a medium grater Parmesan cheese (this kind of cheese helps the dish to keep its shape during baking). Add cheese in mashed potatoes and thoroughly stir until smooth. The resulting mixture is refilled syringe for cream.
Cover the baking sheet with paper for confectionery and squeeze small portions of mashed cheese from the syringe. We try to make portions look like roses.
Put the baking tray in a preheated oven and bake potato rosettes for about 10 minutes. You can judge the readiness of the dish by the browned edges of the roses.At this point, you need to pull the dish out of the oven and serve it to the table.

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