Practical ideas on the use of free space in the apartment

That's the way a person works, the more he buys a house, the more things he gets and all these things need to be placed somewhere. Today, furniture manufacturers offer to design everything you need, based on the size of your home. But the free space still remains. And there are many ways to use it rationally. Save space in the house with these tricks.

Mobile bed

The podium is a great way to zoning a small room. Hide the bed under it, and in the daytime there will be free space.

Shelves at the base of the bed

Keep under the bed various little things invented for a very long time. But it is not necessary to hide everything. Part of the shelves can be left open.

Use every angle

You can beat the shelves not only in the middle of the room, but also in the corners, which are usually left free.

Compact sink

In a small bathroom, a standard sink has to be replaced with a very small one, or even completely abandoned. This design will save space without sacrificing convenience.

Secret working area

In the bedroom, the workplace may seem like something superfluous. In order not to overload the interior with unnecessary details, hide the table in the closet! Shelves for storage will also be located here.

Coffee table in the sofa

If the sofa is used as a bed, it may not be advisable to put something next to it. After all, every time you lay down the sofa, the table will need to be moved aside. The pull-out table will be an excellent alternative.

Multifunctional plumbing system

The bottom of the bathroom does not have to be as wide as the top. Place a sink over it. A large part can, if necessary, serve as a shower stall.

Flat wardrobe

In some places you can not put a standard size locker. But often it is not needed. Along the wall will accommodate many necessary things.

Iron corner

On the front wall of the locker, you can hang a mirror. And no one even guesses that he keeps a lot of useful things.

Hinged shelf for spices

Use even the edge of the kitchen table for storage if space permits. Here you can place tea, salt and sugar.

Narrow sink

Strictly speaking, we need only that part of the sink into which the pressure of the water falls. Therefore, this approach is convenient not only when placed, but when used.

Desk under the stairs

The part that is actively used is located directly under the steps. And there is still a lot of space to place books, papers and gadgets.

Foldable sink

It takes place only when you need to use it. The rest of the time is a shelf of interesting design.

Compact toilet system

This design saves not only space, but also water. After all, the liquid from the sink is subsequently used for flushing.

Dishwasher and cupboard under one countertop

Choose a technique that you like, and use the free space for storing small things.

Wheeled shelf

This item is ideal for storage of household chemicals. Place it where there is space left.

Cabinet between stove and refrigerator

Put the refrigerator next to the heating equipment or radiator is not worth it. In a small kitchen, following this rule is not easy. Divide them with at least such a small module


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