Pregnancy: is it possible to have sex?

Almost all women in the position and future fathers are concerned about the issue of intimate relationships during pregnancy. Many believe that sexual life in this period is a real threat to the child, some believe that you can simply limit your intimate desires, and still others decide not to deny themselves anything and continue to enjoy intimacy for nine months. In fact, you need to consider how the pregnancy proceeds, as well as its period. Let's talk more about whether you can have sex during pregnancy.

When sex during pregnancy is contraindicated

Future parents, looking forward to the birth of a small miracle, are trying in every way to protect it. And it is quite natural. But perhaps it is this attitude that acts as the root cause of excessive caution, which deprives the couple or not only a couple of physical satisfaction for a long time, but also the necessary positive emotions.

A number of serious contraindications for sexual intimacy during pregnancy should be studied:

  • failure of the cervix during past pregnancies;
  • bleeding;
  • leaking water;
  • placenta previa (in particular, accompanied by bleeding);
  • uterine contractions.

Expectant mothers should know that pain in the lower abdomen, low attachment of the ovum and the tone of the uterus by ultrasound examination also suggest abstinence from sex life until the baby is born.

Sex during pregnancy should also exclude various sexually transmitted diseases, since any infection is a real threat to the unborn child. Genital herpes of a partner can seriously affect the development of the fetus. If a woman gets sick for the first time during pregnancy, the disease will have an effect on the future baby.

With the threat of miscarriage, the sexual life of a woman in a position if not prohibited, then in any case should proceed with great care. In addition, it must be borne in mind that in the last month of pregnancy, the uterine cervical canal opens slightly - this meansthat sexual contact may contribute to the penetration of vaginal bacteria to the fetus or the premature rupture of amniotic fluid. In addition, during this period, active sex life can provoke uterine tone, since an orgasm causes uterine contractions. This, in turn, is fraught with premature birth. By the way, the same effect can have anal sex, which experts advise to avoid throughout pregnancy.

And another very important contraindication for sexual intercourse in the period of carrying a child is the unwillingness of the future mother. This item also cannot be ignored, although it would seem that it does not pose a particular threat to the physical health of the woman and the fetus. At the same time, it is important to remember that the female body almost from the day of conception undergoes serious changes, which are manifested not only in strange taste preferences and in weight gain. Mild ailments and changes in mood, often characteristic of a pregnant woman, can serve as a reason to refuse sex, even if both the doctor and the general state of health allow it. This is a completely natural process, which is strongly discouraged to cross. In such situations, a man is advised to be patient and restrained.

On other tips on the sexual life of women in the position you can read in our article whether sex can be pregnant.

Sex during pregnancy: useful recommendations

So, if you have eliminated all the above states, nothing bothers you and you feel sexual desire, the question of whether sex life will not affect pregnancy and whether you can have sex during this period should not bother you. You can make love almost throughout your pregnancy (except for the last month). However, there are important nuances that you should be aware of in order to make this process as comfortable and safe as possible at the same time:

  • Sexual contact should not exceed 10 minutes. A woman in a position not too suitable for the role of a frantic lover, and this must be remembered.
  • A woman should herself control the depth of penetration of the penis and tempo. Sexual postures in which deep penetration occurs should be avoided to avoid pain. That is why the pose "rider", in which a woman sits on a man on top, is not recommended to practice.
  • Experts also advise that the classic pose should be avoided so that the man does not put his weight on the belly of the woman.
  • The most comfortable posture for the period of pregnancy is considered to be the “spoon” pose, in which both partners lie on their side, the man behind the woman, facing the back of her head.
  • You can also try to make love, sitting on the lap of a man. This option will help avoid unwanted too deep penetration.
  • When the stomach becomes a serious obstacle to sexual pleasures, the following posture is recommended: the woman lies on her back at the edge of the bed and bends her knees, and the man stands facing her.
  • Lubrication is absolutely harmless during pregnancy. So, if necessary, you can safely resort to her help.
  • Sex should be gentle and fairly calm, because sudden movements can pose a threat to the unborn child and his mother.

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