Pregnant Hygiene

Personal hygiene is important. A pregnant woman should take a shower 1-2 times a week, daily wipe the body with a towel dipped in water at room temperature, and wash the external genitals 2 times a day with warm water and soap. A mandatory component of personal hygiene is air and sun baths. Air baths are taken at a temperature of 20-22 ° C, starting from 5-10 minutes and gradually increasing their duration to 20-30 minutes. In the summer useful non-durable sunbathing. Swimming is allowed in warm weather, for a short time, if the pregnancy proceeds normally.
A pregnant woman should systematically prepare the nipples of the mammary glands for future feeding, to prevent their cracks and mastitis. Bras should be comfortable, from natural fabrics, consistent with the size and shape of the glands. The glands and nipples are washed daily with soap and water at room temperature and rubbed with a hard towel.If the nipples are flat or retracted, in the last 2 months of pregnancy they are massaged: every day after lubrication with boric vaseline, the nipple is caught by the index and thumb and pulled off for 3-4 minutes (2-3 times).
Clothing for pregnant women should be comfortable and loose. Do not constrain the chest, stomach, do not squeeze the lower limbs. For varicose veins, elastic hygienic stockings should be worn or an elastic bandage should be placed on the hips and legs. From 7-8 months of pregnancy for the prevention of overdistension of the anterior abdominal wall is recommended to wear a special bandage. Shoes should be in size, on a wide heel.
The mode of operation in the normal course of pregnancy is normal with alternation of physical, mental work and rest. Pregnant women should not lift weights, make sudden movements, and experience psycho-emotional injuries. In everyday life and at work around her, it is necessary to create an atmosphere of attention, care and respect. Before bedtime, the duration of which should be at least 8 hours, walks in the fresh air, airing the room, and air baths are mandatory.
In the first 3 and in the last 2 months of pregnancy, sexual activity is prohibited in order to prevent infections, miscarriage and premature birth. It is strictly forbidden to smoke and use alcohol, as toxic tobacco smoke products and wine alcohol pass through the plancentric barrier and can cause irreparable harm to the fetus, up to the development of deformities.

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