Pressure washers: advantages and disadvantages

Stages washing high pressure

Giving the car a perfect cleanliness is made in four stages. For a start, the car is treated with water, as a result of which the surface of the body is wetted and large pieces of dirt lag behind. Also, this procedure is designed to cool the individual components and mechanisms of cars, warmed up in the sun or in the process of driving.
After such a peculiar shower, the chemical composition of a special cleaner, which is a thick foam, is applied to the body of the vehicle. This foam covers the car evenly over several minutes. The detergent contains special substances that contribute to the detachment of dirt, dust, insect residues and bitumen.
The last two stages of the procedure are flushing the cleaning foam with a stream from a high-pressure apparatus and removing moisture with special rubber or silicone.The last operation, as well as wiping the car with a dry cloth, is done manually by the staff of the car wash.

The advantages of high pressure washers

Undoubtedly, the main advantage of the contactless car wash is the absence of a mechanical impact on the car body, as a result of which the probability of causing scratches or other damage is almost impossible. The use of high-pressure washers is the key to a long service life of the paintwork of the vehicle body.
Another important advantage of this type of service is a very fast washing process. Special, high-quality washing equipment plus professionalism of the staff give their result - perfect cleanliness in just 8-10 minutes. At the same time, the dirt is completely removed even in the most inaccessible places (radiator grille, wheel disks, etc.).

Disadvantages of a high pressure washer

When using a high pressure cleaner, there may be some problems with the appearance of the paintwork of the car body. So, the application of cleansing foam on the uncured surface of the body can lead to its drying.In addition, the active detergent may leave stains. These damages are removed only by polishing.
If you wash the car, on the body of which there are some damage (scratches or chipped paint), this can cause the appearance of premature corrosion. Too much detergent concentration when washing cars can cause whitish spots on the body.

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