problem in bed

Hello Alexander such a question can affect the male force operation on the 12th intestine


Good afternoon! Of course, everything in our body is interconnected. If you suffer from hemorrhoids, then problems arise during periods of acute illness. Because of the inflammatory processes appear pain in the perineum and anus. During sexual intercourse, there is a significant tension in the groin and perineal muscles; a man suffering from hemorrhoids feels significant discomfort, tension and pain. This, of course, is not best reflected in the psycho-emotional state.

Due to painful movements, the erection gradually weakens, and the excited state of the man disappears. It becomes clear that the negative effect of hemorrhoids on potency is expressed in the fact that a man cannot rhythmically move during sex, as a result of which the expected satisfaction does not occur.

Inhibition of sexual function often occurs at the time of tension in the inguinal muscles. When with each movement instead of pleasure you feel pain, sexual attraction and desire gradually passes and manifests itself less often.It is necessary to undergo examination and obtain a surgeon's indication for this operation.

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