Properties and application of mint meadow essential oil

Mint is known since ancient times. Egyptians, Greeks and Romans actively used this herb in everyday life and for medicinal purposes. Meadow mint has long been cultivated in Japan as a cultivated plant, and the first plantations for the production of essential oils of this variety of mint appeared on Hokkaido Island in 1906.

Meadow mint essential oil is obtained from the top of flowering plants by steam stripping. It is a light yellow liquid with a bright fresh woody grassy smell.

The oil has a number of healing properties: antiseptic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, tonic, expectorant, activates the brain, liver and gall bladder, alleviates dental and menstrual pain.

Meadow mint essential oil is an excellent tool for combating stress, depression and chronic overwork. The fresh mint flavor improves mood and vitality.

In cosmetology, the range of its application is very wide. This oil is very good for oily and combination skin, helps to narrow pores, get rid of inflammation and greasy shine.

Also essential oil of mint meadow is useful to use when caring for hair and nails. Hair will get healthy gloss, become stronger and healthy. A bath and rubbing oil into the nail plate will relieve it from brittleness, delamination and cracks.

Massage with the addition of essential oil of mint relieves muscle tension, soothes and relaxes. Mouth rinsing with a few drops of oil will help get rid of a sore throat and toothache.

Methods of application of mint meadow essential oil: therapeutic massages, aromatherapy, masks, warm baths and steam baths.

Contraindications: pregnancy, age up to 6 years, individual intolerance. Remember that before applying any essential oils you need to do a sensitivity test.

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