• It's already happening.
  • When? Apocalypse Now. Redux.
  • Sheeesh ! So impatient......hold on, it's getting here........
  • God has given no timetable for the apocalypse. So, no one but the Father can answer the question of when it will occur. Since we don't know when it will occur, it would also be rather lacing in faith to become discouraged because it has not occurred yet. There was no timetable given for he first advent of Christ. Therefore, many lost faith because He did not come when they expected Him. Others did not recognize Him when He did come. So it will be with the apocalypse, but it is coming.
  • IT WILL HAPPEN SOON ENOUGH! the high priests (or whoever)that re-wrote the bible and interpited it are off by a few decades!! "hey, when I read that ancient script "It'S ALL HEBREW TO ME" LoL
  • The book of Revelation contains a series of visions seen by the aged apostle John. The book’s Greek name, A·po·kaʹly·psis, meaning “Uncovering” or “Disclosure,” is apropos, for Revelation does uncover matters, disclosing many events of the distant future, far beyond the time of its composition.—Re 1:1, ftn. Closer Than Many Think “Fresh things I now foretell,” God says. “Before they appear I tell you of them.” (Isaiah 42:9, The Jerusalem Bible) Yes, he has outlined for us in the Bible the main events that will take place just before the apocalypse. For example, Jesus spoke of a message to be sounded worldwide and tied it in with the apocalypse. He said: “This good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come.” (Matthew 24:14) That “end” includes the apocalypse. Today, Jehovah’s Witnesses spend hundreds of millions of hours a year diligently proclaiming that Kingdom message from door to door and by any other possible means, in more than 200 lands around the globe! Drawing a striking parallel for the benefit of his followers, Jesus compared the time leading up to the apocalypse to the time before the Flood of Noah’s day. In Noah’s time people were so absorbed in eating and drinking and having a good time that “they took no note” of Noah’s message concerning the imminent destruction. They were indifferent to his warnings.—Matthew 24:37-39. How closely our day parallels the circumstances before the Flood! People are so preoccupied with their daily routines that they do not heed warnings and evidence of the approaching apocalypse. Apocalypse—Prelude to Paradise Regarding earth’s inhabitants, the book of Revelation (The Apocalypse, Douay) tells us that God “will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things [will have] passed away.” (Revelation 21:4, New International Version) Instead of a gloomy aftermath of the apocalypse, the Bible reveals that man will be capable of living forever in a paradise on earth.—Psalm 37:9-11, 29. Paradise? Everlasting life on earth? Just imagine, perfectly healthy, happy people from all races enjoying life to the full! ‘How could this be the result of an apocalypse?’ you may ask. God has given his word. It will be as in the case of God’s dealings with Israel, that “not a promise failed out of all the good promise that Jehovah had made . . . ; it all came true.”—Joshua 21:45. So, concerning the exact day and hour of the apocalypse nobody knows, but the evidence shows that we are living in the era of the apocalypse. When it strikes, may we be found awake and “on the watch.” For “the world is passing away and so is its desire, but he that does the will of God remains forever.”—Mark 13:33, 37; 1 John 2:17; Matthew 24:36.
  • Revelation 16:15 “Look! I am coming as a thief. Happy is the one who stays awake and keeps his outer garments, so that he may not walk naked and people look upon his shamefulness.” This scripture reminds us that the end will come “as a thief”, or without forewarning. We are encouraged to “stay awake” in preparation for this historic event.
    • Venus1485
      It's only fiction, so clam down.
  • I see what you mean, but no one gets quiet when it comes to logic. When WW3 makes a devastating impact, the battle of Armageddon will begin with Israel's surrounding enemies. (Revelation 16:16) Then everyone will see Jesus coming in a great cloud of smoke. Luke 21:27 "And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory."
    • Venus1485
      Jesus never existed, so he can't come. The Bible is just poor fiction I've found by now.
  • Just be on guard and watch our sky.
  • have no idea when its going to happen and neither does anyone else
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      The apocalypse in Greek literally means an "uncovering" of the events to come before complete annihilation. It could happen at any moment. Tensions between the US and North Korea are said to be the most serious threat to world peace. When WW3 breaks out, everyone on Earth will know when the Apocalypse will happen as soon as you see the deadliest of missiles flying in the air. This is no fantasy. It is simply reality that is based on Bible prophecy.
    • Venus1485
      The danger in NK has ebbed. Bible prophecy is a scam.
  • It'll never happen. It's just part of fiction.
  • only god knows when its going to happen
  • only god knows when its going to happen

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