• Geminis have an extra gland in their patooki! Few people know this fact, but only Geminis were lucky enough to be grazed by this peculiar acknowledgement! This gland keeps the flabbergaster nice and tight, another gland, located behind the zang holds extra air that is built up from drinking pure caffeine. Because all geminis are caffeine addicts! This air gland, combined with the tight gland exfoliate and combine to create a devastatingly loud Flllllooooorrp.
    • Keble Bolly-Jocksford
      Thanks for your brilliant answer, Spencer. I'll send you a friends request as soon as they add that feature. And if they bring back the "Asker's Pick" feature you'll get that as well. Lol:)
  • They have twin turbos.
  • Because they can !
  • Baseball legend "Babe" Ruth was an Aquarius, and he could "onara" so loudly that he knocked water out of a faucet. Actor Marlon Brando was an Aries, and he "onara" very loudly. Golfer Tommy Bolt was nicknamed "Thunder", because he "onara" so loudly, and he was an Aries, just like Marlon Brando. Jessica Simpson is a lady champion at "onara", and she is a Cancer.
  • not sure why but i dont think theyre the only ones
  • have no idea
  • I don't think that's true.

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