• If you listen to mainstream media and see how they took his words out of context, you'll see it is all about being anti-Trump. They've painted him as a one-dimensional character for well over a year now. They want you to believe he's a racist bigot and so on that the left paint anyone who doesn't agree with them, so they're willing to edit or misconstrue his words to make you believe it. The left's foolish for defending the scum of earth, but, that's fine. There will be no blue wave and thank god for their constant whining and crying because those in the center are leaning right thanks to their claims and actions. Especially hillary on her, "I lost 'cause everyone else but me." Tour.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      I agree 100%. They're so anti-Trump that they will do anything to show you that he's bad.
  • It's like the old clich
  • Imagine the poor children left without a Dad to raise them if they're jailed.

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