• that dont sound right to me either
  • That is a real head scratcher for sure. What are universities teaching now?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Apparently they're teaching them that the way to end racism is to segregate themselves. MLK would be turning over in his grave.
    • Rick
      More head scratching - they ought to know better than that for sure.
  • That is gross racism! Colleges have deteriorated badly in the USA.
    • Linda Joy
      It was done by the black students, not the college. And what do you know of the condition of US colleges? Have you ever attended one?
    • Venus1485
      I have attended some, and it's bad to v be such racists. Black racism is still racism and mustn't be allowed.
  • In 2017, a group of Harvard grad students held a separate ceremony, which was not organized by the University, rather it was sponsored by the Harvard Black Students Association. No degrees were conferred during this ceremony; that practice is reserved for the school
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Segregate yourself so that you can show how far you've come from segregation. Good thinking. A separate association for black students and a separate ceremony. Nothing says racism in America like a group being singled out because of the color of their skin.
  • Yes, there's a major problem with such nonsense. Blacks only is racist and segregated. Harvard is worthless when it allows such gross racism.
  • It's making a made a BIG mistake my friend. You cut off your nose to spite your face.
  • No it is way to get a political group back into power. For money people will do anything. Some group paid the school and them for an agenda.
  • Are you sure? The blacks themselves should complain!
  • yes,they need to graduate together
    • Venus1485
      No blacks only or whites only should be allowed. That's gross racism.
  • I see a problem with it! However, while it is a black commencement ceremony anyone who wishes is allowed to attend. Not just blacks. And it was not done by the university but by the students. They will all have a ceremony together as well.
    • Venus1485
      I doubt your sources of data.

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