• NOS at a gun store?? That doesn't make much sense. Your best bet would be to go to an automotive aftermarket store. Meaning a store that sells things like suspension, exhaust systems, and other performance parts, such as Nitrous Oxide bottles and systems.
  • I live in California where you need a special HAZMAT license to but this. It is highly flammable and if not stored correctly could explode. This is why hospitals store it outside.
  • haha go to a drug mart. and buy whipped cream chargers. each chargeer contains about a balloon full of nitrous. use a whipped cream dispencer to extract it.
  • They sell boxes of whipped cream chargers and "crackers" at adult/porn stores.
  • Welding supply stores might sell it but I doubt that they will seel it to in individual who does not have a permit to buy it. Also air gas companies that sell it to hospitals.
  • Depends on the grade you want. There is Medical Grade Nitrous, Food grade and Automotive. Automotive grade Nitrous Oxide is potentially lethal from what I've read. It contains compounds meant for the body even less so than No2 to begin with. I suggest trying to find food grade. A lot if not most places that sell it require proof that you work in the industry to get it though.

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