• I think this is simply a matter of taste. Technically you can wear whatever you want in public as long as you are wearing something.
  • Sure, if that is what the woman prefers. The main difference between men's and women's watches is the size of the face and the band. Most men have larger hands than most women, so therefore, they make watches larger to fit proportionally to their larger hands and wrists. (and smaller watches to fit smaller hands and wrists) If a woman wants a "men's" watch, she should wear one.
  • For everyday wear, if your style is fairly casual then yes, generally no-one will notice. I'd advice against it for more formal or elegant outfits as it can have the same clunky effect as wearing Doc Marten's with your cocktail dress.
  • I do not think it is a good idea. Men's watches are too big for us ladies.
  • i dont see why not
  • No, there are men's watches and ladies' watches, the same a there are men's clothing and ladies' clothing. One should also wear sports watches with sports clothes and dress watches with dress clothes.

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