• I sure do.
  • Yes. Totally excessive.
  • Yes, I do. I could find really nice chairs for $100 or less apiece. And I could also find places to spend that amount of money where it made sense, like a home, car, credit card balances, college, food, gas, etc.
  • I do. I'd buy some good cheap chairs and use the rest of the money for something more... of use.
  • Absolutely..... Thats to cheap.
  • I like nice things but not sure I could even sit in a chair that cost that much. A bit crazy for my taste.
  • Wowo, sure do think it's crazy! I'll get you the finest pair o' lawn chairs for $20 tops! =)
  • I really depends on what the table looks like. I have two crappy chairs in my kitchen and I don't even have a dining room. If you can afford a home with a "dining room". I think everything is relative. Each ass is allocated $800.00 for a place to rest, I think that is probably average.
  • convert it into pounds and it's not so bad lol
  • I look at it this way. Its their money & they can do what they want with it. I myself don't think I would ever spend that much on a set of chairs. Unless I had plans on re-selling them, do to being a rare collector's item set. But even then I would make for sure. I could get my money back out of them, before I bought them. Like I said tho it their money. The most I ever seen spent on a none collector's set. This was with the table was $9,000,00. I told this Friend & his Wife that I would of made that set for them, at a 10th of the price. He just LOL & said sure. But we need it now!!! Not two month's from now. I said we'll ya got a point there, my Friend. I still think it was to high..........Just my point of view tho..........M.C.S.
  • Not if you can afford it. And if it is nice stuff.
  • absolutely not. If they are nice and antique and will retain their value - then I am all for it. If, however, they are modern fancy chairs that will most likely be worth $200 in a few years then I would say hell yes it's crazy :)
  • As far as I'm concerned. I like nice things as much as anyone else but there is so much more that can be done with that money.
  • If you can truly afford them, then go for it. I personally would not spend that much on dining room chairs, but to each his own.
  • It's your money, you earned it, so you could spend it how you like. If $3,200 is a deal for you, I hope you enjoy the chairs!! I never even spent that on a car -- not even half that on a car -- but some of us are just cheap. Hmmm, $3,200 for dining chairs? Man, I'd love to have the meal you serve by them!!!
  • £1600 peanuts if they are wooden
  • I may consider that in the distant future, but for now I have a 4 and a 6 year old in my house. No friggin way! Even then, that does seem a bit much to spend on things I would rarely use.

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