Read lips: 10 shades of red for girls of Yaroslavl

Red lipstick goes to everyone. The main thing - to choose the right shade and ... mood.

Woman's Day is ten Yaroslavl beauties who chose red and did not lose. Admire and vote!Voting will last until 4 pm on April 21.

Anastasia Mironova, 28 years old

Photo: personal archive Anastasia Mironova

First kissat 14 years old.

Favorite lipstick color:Red.

The secret of beautiful lips:It is necessary to care for the lips not less than the face - scrub, moisturizing, protection.

Maria Kudryavtseva, 21

Photo: Maria Kudryavtseva's personal archive

First kisshappened in school. I knew him from the kindergarten. From the first kiss left only warm memories. I still remember those feelings of light vertigo, trembling through the body is comparable to a low temperature. Such things remain with us for life.

Favorite lipstick color.Dark colors: burgundy, dark brown. Like berry, plum shades and nude.For special occasions I use unnatural colors, for example, blue lipstick, with such a color I feel great, comfortable and harmonious.

The secret of beautiful lips:Care, competent combination and choice of color. Lips should always look fresh and neat.

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