Recipe tincture on prunes for the New Year

Recipe tincture on prunes for the New YearSoon, preparations for the New Year will begin in full swing - the hostesses will think over the festive menu, choose from a variety of dishes and drinks. Of course, now you can buy almost anything, but you will agree, do not you want to surprise the guests by putting on the New Year’s table the drink you made with your own hands?

Now you can find a huge variety of recipes for liqueurs and tinctures on all sorts of berries, fruits and fruits. One of the most interesting and original recipes - on prunes. Tinctures and liqueurs of prunes on vodka, alcohol or moonshine are very popular, so you can not ignore them. Shuyskaya tincture is very popular - however, you can always try to make it yourself, it is quite possible that the result will exceed all expectations!

How to make tincture of prunes at home? We want to draw your attention to a few recipes.

Prune tincture on vodka

Ingredients Required:

  • Prunes - 250 g
  • Sugar - 1 tsp.
  • Vodka - 0.75 L

Cooking method:

Prunes should not be dry - and the bone should be easily separated from the pulp, this should be remembered when choosing berries.

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