Redirecting helps to significantly facilitate the work not only of large mobile operators and various companies, but also simple subscribers. This service allows you to work remotely, taking calls from the working number, or constantly be aware of the events at home if you are away. More information about what it is and how to set up call forwarding to the phone will be described in sections of the article.

Forwarding what is it

Call forwarding is the service provided by the telephony provider, which consists in redirecting an incoming call from one phone number to another. When the first number gets a call, if necessary, it sends it to another, pre-configured. Call Forwarding allows a subscriber to receive work calls from a home or cell phone while working remotely.

There are several types of services:

  1. Unconditional - any calls to the number are automatically sent to another phone.
  2. By busy - call forwarding occurs only when the subscriber is currently talking on this phone.
  3. If there is no answer - if for some time the subscriber does not answer, the call is redirected to another number (the waiting time is set by the subscriber).
  4. Conditional - when the caller connects, he hears a voice greeting of the answering machine, in which he is offered to dial a certain combination to connect with the right person.

Forwarding is especially relevant for mobile operators, because it is this service that allows you to remain in constant contact with subscribers 24 hours a day. When you call the support service or the Hotline, it is the redirection that directs you to a free specialist.


Forwarding mts

All MTS subscribers can order a call forwarding service from a cellular to a landline, long-distance, other cellular, and even international telephone or voice mail. Thus, you will never miss a call if you are busy and cannot answer the phone, it has turned off, or you are temporarily in the “dead” zone.

To enable redirection on the MTS, use one of the methods:

  1. Send an SMS message with the text 2111 to the short number 111.
  2. Through your account on the official website.
  3. Using Mobile Portal from Mobile.
  4. Send an SMS with the text "REG" or "ON" to the number 232.

When a reply SMS confirmation of service activation arrives, you can configure the settings in your Personal Account or on the website, where you can enter your phone number as a login, the password is the password from LK. Set up the option will help consultant MTS on the number 8-800-250-0890.


Forwarding megaphone

The operator Megaphone offers to connect the redirection of calls free of charge in case you don’t want to miss an important conversation due to unforeseen circumstances (the battery is dead, the phone is forgotten at home, etc.).

For corporate clients there is a special service called Mobile Assistant. It distributes incoming calls through the web-interface, depending on the number of the caller, time and day of the week.

Codes for self-installation via USSD commands:

  • 21 - unconditional;
  • 61 - if there is no answer within 5-30 seconds. (forgot the phone at home, you can not go);
  • 62 - if there is no connection (the phone is disconnected or out of coverage);
  • 67 - the line is busy.

Megaphone connection forwarding is free,but all redirected calls are charged according to the set tariff, as if you were calling from your phone to the one to which you are going to be redirected.

How to connect redirection on Megaphone:

  1. Dial the following combination ** (service code) * (phone number) # and a call button.
  2. Contact any of Megaphone salons.
  3. Code ## (code) # disables the service.

Redirect beeline

Connecting forwarding on Beeline is completely free. For subscribers of prepaid payment system, the cost of use is 0 p. in a day. For city numbers for the tariffs Country in touch and Free style, the option is free, on mobile - the first 200 minutes are not paid. per month (201 and every subsequent minute costs 1.7 rubles).

The cost for individuals for numbers starting with 8-800 ... is 3.5 r. for min. For legal entities - at the established rate.


How to connect call forwarding on Beeline:

  1. Dial USSD code * 110 * 031 # and press the call button.
  2. Contact the operator at 0674 09 031.
  3. To enable call forwarding unconditionally, dial ** 21 * phone number #.
  4. To enable call forwarding when the line is busy, enter ** 67 * phone number #.
  5. Call forwarding, if you do not answer the phone: ** 61 * phone number ** time interval #.
  6. Service for switched off phones (sat down battery, out of range): ** 62 * phone number #.
  7. If there is no cellular phone nearby, but you want to set Beeline forwarding to it, call the Support Center at (495) 974-8888.
  8. To cancel all settings, type ## 002 #.

The service for inaccessible phones or busy lines costs 9.95 p. per minute including VAT. A call redirected to an international number costs 9.95 + the cost of a call in roaming for 1 minute.

Call forwarding tele2

To set unconditional call forwarding to Tele2, dial ** 21 * phone number # and press the call button (cancel - ## 21 #). If you often have situations where you cannot answer the phone and answer immediately, then in order not to miss an important conversation, dial the following combination: ** 61 * phone number ** time in seconds # (time in seconds means a period which the caller will wait for the connection before the call goes to another phone). Service cancellation - code ## 61 #.

To set the option for a switched off or “dead” phone, dial ** 62 * phone number # + call key (cancel - ## 62 #).

The cost of any redirected calls corresponds to regular calls and is charged according to the tariff plan.For answering machines in roaming, international tariffs are relevant (do not apply to unconditional forwarding).

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