Registration of a nursery

Start by choosing a wallpaper or wall paint. The best solution is the choice that emphasizes the individuality of your child and at the same time creates harmony and comfort in the room. Do not choose too bright colors and wallpapers, overloaded with large multi-color drawings: it can badly affect the emotional health of your baby.
Particular importance should be given to the floor. Linoleum - not the best choice, because it quickly gets dirty and deformed. Pay attention to safe "warm floors" and carpets, if you have small children, because young children like to play on the floor most of all.
Furniture should be multifunctional and light. Prefer bunk beds with a play or work area downstairs, built-in nightstands and foldable tables if your child is already big enough. For small children, a set of furniture can be limited to a table, a chair, a wardrobe and a bed: interesting and safe decorative elements in the form of unusual night lamps or applications on furniture and walls are much more important for them.
Use different room zoning techniques to divide the work area, play area and sleep area. Such a separation can be done with the help of the usual arrangement of furniture in the required places. Do not use the podiums and wide screens, as in the nursery they will be inappropriate and in some cases can cause injury.
The light should not be too bright or too dim. It is desirable that each zone had its necessary lighting. Use the built-in lamps, bedside lamps and table lamps for schoolchildren when decorating a children's room.
Do not neglect the desires of the child. Be sure to ask what your baby wants before starting work. Ideal - decorate the room together.
Try not to be guided by stereotypes. "Pink-blue" design is not relevant for a long time and limits the child in creative development. You can add only some elements at the request of the child.

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