Residents of New Orleans are suing Brad Pitt

In 2005, the most devastating hurricane in US history, Katrina, hit New Orleans. The Brad Pitt Charitable Foundation Make It Right has built new eco-houses for the victims - cheap, but still not free, and now their owners are preparing a collective lawsuit against the actor. According to them, many of the buildings have already come to an extremely deplorable state, and because of the constant problems with the roofs, electrical wiring, plumbing and sewage in them it is almost impossible to live.

“Representatives of the Make It Right Foundation many times promised to return and repair the houses that were originally sold to these people - and did not keep their word. Some of my clients started to experience health problems due to housing conditions, ”said New Orleans lawyer Ron Austin. And one of the locals complained to television that he spent about $ 200,000 to buy a house - and although at that time he was extremely glad that he got the accommodation so cheap, now the house is “falling apart”, and what to do with it further, the owner does not know .

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