Reverse side of sex

Reverse side of sexAnd what else I would like to say: the reverse side of sex. Often a woman goes to bed with a chosen one just to please him. It seems to her that the physical intimacy will be followed by the love she longs for. Huge delusion. If a man really loves you, he will wait, not insisting on intimacy. Yes, and how to find out how strong his feelings are, if he does not have to wait? And maybe he is with you and only communicates for sex? In most of these cases, the man quickly loses interest in his partner. And, getting up from your bed, goes to look for a life partner, which is not so easy to get.


Find out whether your elect is capable of self-control, it is best to marry. If he is not able to abstain now, then where is the guarantee that after the wedding he will be able to curb his other desires? How do you know that you can trust him? (My words also apply to women, if they are the initiators of sex.) It is before the wedding that it is checked whether the person has the qualities necessary for marriage, the ability to live according to one's convictions, the ability to control oneself and control one’s desires.


Hiding the identity of a partner from men, sex confuses their relationship. Blinded by pleasure, men stop seeing everything else. They have a bad idea of ​​what a partner in communication is - good or bad with her. Moreover, sexual desire provokes an unhealthy choice - sometimes sexual arousal causes an absolutely unsuitable woman to live. By postponing sex before marriage, men would be able to sensibly assess the character of the chosen one and their attitude towards her. They would be able to decide whether their girlfriend really is a woman with whom she wants to be together to the grave.


The reverse side of sex. Your task is to find out what exactly attracts your friend or girlfriend to you: you or your body. You need to understand if the partner is able to live according to the declared values. If not, then think hard about your relationship.

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