Reward badges are a great way to unite employees.

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
November 27, 2015
Reward badges are a great way to unite employees.

Any manager knows that by maintaining a competitive spirit within the team, impressive performance indicators can be achieved. The task of the manager in this case is to entice employees into a certain game, motivating them to achieve in the workplace with small gifts in the form of award badges that enhance their status in the office. Badges, examples of which can be found at, have long been considered an excellent reward for any successful professional and an excellent choice as a gift to a business partner.

This form of incentives has become widespread in the times of the Soviet Union and, since then, has not ceased to expand. Today you can order an icon of almost any size and content. To do this, it is enough to determine the figure and make an order in the company "MKznak"

What kinds of badges can be ordered

At the moment, the company "MKznak" can offer the following range of products:

  • souvenir - usually carry a comic message or information about any event. Become an excellent choice for a small gift on a monthly corporate holiday;
  • award - will allow to note the achievements of the employee or reward particularly active employees;
  • anniversary - provide an opportunity to leave a reminder of a big event for the company for each of its employees;
  • with a logo - a corporate badge is an excellent tool for advertising a company. It is also useful for indicating affiliation with a firm;
  • sunset - represent a small circle with a pattern. Differ in extremely fast production. A lot of such icons can be obtained in less than 24 hours: from the layout of the layout and ending with the release of the finished product. Ideal for a mass advertising campaign.

The company "MKznak" performs the production of icons of any kind and complexity. These specialists have been working in the market for similar products for several years and gained enough experience to cope with any wishes of the client.Another feature of the company is a very fast pace of order fulfillment. The whole range of work: from the conclusion of an agreement to the receipt of finished products, takes less than two weeks. Also worth noting is the extremely high quality of the goods produced. They are able to maintain the original brightness and brilliance for decades. You can order badges in Moscow by simply calling the phone number on the company's website and explaining your wishes.

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