Rhinoplasty - a way to love yourself

In the life of any person, his external data play a big role. When he is satisfied with them, he feels confident and comfortable. But nature is not all gracious to everyone. A person may have congenital anomalies of the nose or acquired damage (fractures) resulting from accidents, etc.

Fortunately, the achievements of modern plastic surgery help people get rid of congenital anomalies, prolong the youth and beauty of men and women, get rid of excess weight, etc. Many representatives of the fair sex are interested in the question: at what age do you need to contact a plastic surgeon? You can think about the procedure of face lifting by the age of 40. But should take into account individual data. After all, there are many women whose face after forty years and more looks young and fresh. In this case, a visit to the clinic of plastic surgery can not be in a hurry.

One of the common plastic surgeries is surgery to correct nasal defects - open or closed rhinoplasty.Indications for such an operation are congenital or acquired as a result of trauma defects of the nose, including the curvature of the nasal septum, which makes breathing difficult. In addition, people who want to correct their appearance, shorten a long nose, remove a crotch, etc., resort to rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty can not be called a simple operation, but for an experienced plastic surgeon, it is not difficult. The procedure takes place in stages. First of all, the surgeon and the patient select the shape of the nose, which will make the appearance attractive and relieve the person from the complexes. Then an operation is performed. An important role is played by the psychological moment, when, after removing the dressings, the patient has to become familiar with the "new" nose. As a rule, after a successful correction, people see themselves in the mirror and rejoice like children.

In plastic surgery, rhinoplasty is performed in two ways: open and closed. the first involves the operation through the incision, which is performed between the nostrils along the skin bridge. During rhinoplasty, a plastic surgeon exfoliates the skin, which makes it possible to carry out the operation, observing everything that happens during the procedure.Closed surgery is performed using the incisions the doctor makes inside the nose. All surgical procedures are performed blindly. In each case, the type of rhinoplasty is selected individually.

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