Robot-mower: simplifying life


End of lawn mowing routine

To have a beautiful lawn, you need to mow it regularly. This routine work becomes tedious and quickly annoying.

The main advantage of the lawn mower robot: it does all the work for you! Do not watch him and charge. It saves your time and comfort. You can compare it with a washing machine. We can be washed by hand, but we prefer to do it in the car - easier and better.

Unlike you, the robot works every day: this regular cutting of the tips of the grass adds density and beauty to the lawn.

Other notable benefits: space saving, very quiet operation on lithium batteries (neighbors will thank you!) And without exhaust emissions ...

The robotic lawnmower does not have a reservoir for mowed grass and you will not have to empty it. Another less work. The robot chops the grass so finely with frequent mowing that when it remains on the lawn it turns into green fertilizer for your lawn.

If your lawn has irregularities or a slope, then unlike the classical lawn mower, the blades of which “scrape” these irregularities, the robot will cope - it is very maneuverable.

Protection against thieves is also provided - a personal PIN.

Like all electric lawn mowers, the robotic mower requires minimal maintenance. Check the condition of the cutting blades, which should remain sharp. Their replacement can be done without the use of tools. From time to time it is necessary to clean the grass on wheels and undercarriage.

If you have a lawn and its cutting is not your hobby or unloading after a working day, if you have to take care of a lawn for a woman, then purchasing a robotic lawnmower will be necessary for you.

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