Rocket with own hands from improvised materials

Fast rocket with turbo engines from a plastic bottle. Crafts help the child to get involved in the process of preparing for an event or make it closer to some memorable date.

By creating a certain thematic image in any technique available to him, the child will understand better the meaning and meaning approaching holiday. For example, as a craft on the Day of Cosmonautics, you can make a rocket; it will be quite relevant as a crafts on February 23.

 Launch your own hands from scrap materials

Launch your own hands from scrap materials

While working on a rocket, you can talk with your child, why it is customary in our country to single out these days among all others; why so much importance is attached to the first flight into space and how important is the role of those people who have chosenHis main occupation is to take care of our security and preserve a peaceful life.

A rocket can be created with its own hands from the materials at hand - a photo with a sample of such a model is presented in our article. In order to make a rocket of a similar design, you will need:

  • plastic bottle;
  • glue gun;
  • white paint;
  • cardboard liners from toilet paper;
  • yellow, orange and red foam board;
  • scissors;
  • colored pencils;
  • decorative silver glitter;
  • plastic bottle caps;
  • disposable plastic cup;
  • sheet cardboard.
 Materials for crafts

Mate Rials for crafts

Getting started.

We pour glitter into the bottle.

 Sparkles in the bottle

Sparkles in a bottle

Then we start to pour white paint there and periodically shake the bottle so that the paint mixes with sparkles and spreads along the walls.

Fill the paint

Fill the paint

Thus,we paint the whole bottle from the inside in a silver-white color.

 Glitter paint dries

Glitter paint dries

Cardboard sheet we color with colored pencils or crayons to add a zest to the craft.

 We paint a cardboard sheet

We paint a cardboard sheet

Cut from it two triangles - these will be the roofs rockets.

 Rocket wings

Rocket wings

In the same way, paint cardboard sleeves from paper.

Coloring the cardboard sleeve

Paint the cardboard sleeve

Cut out trapezoidal flames from the foam board of different colors. Make their lower edges fringed.

 Make flame from foam board or cardboard

Make foam from foam board or cardboard

We roll several foam trapeziums into a tube and insert it inside the cardboard sleeve.We also fill the second sleeve - we get rocket boosters with flames.

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