Room waterfall do it yourself

Room-waterfall-their own hands Room waterfall do it yourself

Waterfall room



Air is the most important part of the human environmentand our health directly depends on its composition. The ideal humidity for residential premises is 60% in winter and 80% in summer. Low humidity weakens the immune system, increases the body's susceptibility to colds, worsens the flow of oxygen into the circulatory system. In dry air, the work of the eyes deteriorates due to the loss of moisture by the mucous membrane. In our living rooms in hot summer, the humidity drops to 15%, and in winter, during the heating period, to 20%, which, of course, is unacceptable. Only one conclusion: it is necessarycontrol relative air humidityand, if necessary, increase it. Relative humidity is measured by special devices - hygrometers.


Maintain the relative humidity of air in the optimal range in various ways. Primitive - hanging wet rags, installing jars and basins with water.Ugly, right? You can make a decorative humidifier: fill a ceramic or glass vessel with sand and beautiful stones, periodically pour water into it. Canbuy a ready moisturizercost from 220 to 550 $.


We propose ourselves to make an indoor portable waterfall with our own hands, which will successfully solve the problem of humidifying the air, decorate the interior of the dwelling and help relieve nervous tension.


Waterfall-own-hands Waterfall do it yourself

In fig. 1Presents a general view of the home waterfall, where the pallet lid, the left vertical sidewall and part of the upper lid are removed. In the pan in the submerged state is a circulation pump, which supplies water through the tube to the sprayer.Sprinkler waterenters the glass and flows into the pan. The flow rate of the water is regulated by the pump. When the optimum relative humidity is reached, the pump shuts off and the sump is tightly closed with a lid.In fig. 2a vertical section of the waterfall is shown showing not shown in fig. 1 items.


For the manufacture of the waterfall we need:



- glass 5x80x60 mm for panels and 5x5x20 mm for pallet covers

- plastic pallet 160x190x500;

- circulating aquarium pump; volume - 1800 l / h, the height of the water rise 1.8 m. the feed rate is regulated by the pump:

- 1 m flexible plastic tube with an inner diameter equal to the diameter of the outlet fitting;

- 55 cm plastic plumbing pipe with a diameter of 20 mm: both ends are sealed and a fitting for the supply of water is inserted from one end;

- 2 blocks of 50x30x1050 mm. 1 bar 40x30x500 mm. 2 blocks of 30x20x350 mm. 1 bar 30x20x700 mm and 1 bar 40x20x350 mm;

- board 20 × 200 mm, length 8 m;

- wood saw, screwdrivers, sandpaper, drill, drill bits;

- Screws 4 × 55 mm - 20 pcs. 4 × 80 mm - 4 pcs. 3.5 × 35 mm - 40 pcs .;

- silicone aquarium glue.

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