Roses: 7 beautiful mildew resistant varieties

"Gloria Day"

"Gloria Day" - an unusually beautiful flower. This is a tea hybrid with very lush flowers: each bud has more than 40 widely opened petals. The diameter of each flower is up to 20 cm.

"Gloria Day" has a wonderful color. The core of the bud is lemon yellow. The middle of the petal is white, slightly yellowish. The edges of the petals can be white or gently pink with a transition to a rich shade.

At the same time, the colors change throughout the life of the flower. The barely opened bud is pale, slightly greenish, and at the end of flowering golden, pure white and pink shades prevail.

The rose bush is quite tall (about 1.2 m), with large leaves and thorns. It blooms all summer.

Roses varieties "Gloria Day" almost not affected by powdery mildew and other fungal diseases. And if the whitish specks and stood on the leaves of the beauty, then the rose is planted in the wrong place. Or care has serious errors.


Another beautifully beautiful and powdery mildew resistant rose hybrid tea.

It grows on compact bushes (60-80 cm in height). Blossoms very magnificently twice per season.

The appearance of the flower is worthy of the name of Aphrodite - the goddess of love and beauty. Vase-like buds reach 12 cm in diameter. The petals of the inside of the flower are beautifully assembled into four "rosettes". The color of the petals is delicate pink, with a noble “porcelain” shade.


Variety of roses with lush white flowers. Bush with thick and durable shoots can grow up to 2 m, and in the southern regions - and up to 3 m! There are very few spikes. Such a rose is often grown as a climbing line.

Flowers "Schneewaltzer" large, terry, slightly drooping. When the bud blossoms, the core has a lemon shade, but over time the gracefully curved petals turn white almost to the ground. In addition, these roses have a very pleasant aroma.

Schneewaltzer blooms all summer, but the most blooming of the season is the most magnificent. The variety is resistant to diseases, including powdery mildew. In addition, this plant tolerates the winter frost well. The disadvantage is that the flowers are “afraid” of rain.

"Leonardo da Vinci"

If you want to plant roses for the first time, and you cannot choose a variety, then plant Leonardo da Vinci (in the photo). Unpretentious, resistant to diseases and pests. Shrubs about a meter tall grow straight, not sprawling, in summer it is richly covered with flowers. And blooms from June to the cold!

On the flowers need to say special. Terry buds unusually lush, rich pink color. The petals in the center are quartered, that is, grouped into four groups. The diameter of each bud is up to 10 cm. On a bush they are arranged in groups of five or six in one brush. The bush covered with such flowers looks fascinatingly beautiful!

"Wedding Bells"

These roses are good for many. Firstly, the very harmonious shape of the flower - the classic goblet. The high center is framed by petals with bent edges. The size is usually about 10 cm, but can reach 15 cm.

Secondly, the color of the buds is marvelous - deep pink, with a subtle pearlescent shade. Because of the prominent veins, the petals seem as if they are transparent.

Third, all this beauty all summer blooms on an upright branched bush all summer. Each stalk has one flower.

"Rosters Yuterson"

Very beautiful roses of deep pink color with numerous wavy petals. Color a little fade in the sun.But, according to gardeners, this only emphasizes the beauty of the new buds.

The bush of the "Rosaries Uterson" high and wide, it can be grown on the frame. The first bloom is the most magnificent, but then individual flowers appear all summer. Flowers are not afraid of bad weather. In addition, the plant winters well.

Chicago Peace

In conclusion, I would like to mention another variety. Powdery mildew resistance is rather average. But what a great view!

The flowers of the Chicago Peace are very lush. In each large bud - from six dozen petals collected by the “cup”. The coloring is unusually spectacular: the petals golden at the base become carmine closer to the edge and then coral-pink.

All this magnificence is richly blossomed on a half meter bush throughout the summer and the first month of autumn. Each peduncle in the length exceeds the meter, so that the Chicago Peace roses are very good for cutting.

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