Rubber boots: fashionable and indispensable shoes (12 photos)

Who would have thought that someday fashion would turn so sideways that rubber boots would become popular universal favorites. When it rains, slush and dirt outside, you don’t want to wear your favorite pair of boots, because from such bad weather they can get unstuck, they can deteriorate, and you can easily soak your feet.

In such shoes you will not go unnoticed.

Rubber boots, which with their stylish and unusual look literally flooded the hearts of fashionistas, and thanks to their water-resistance and even less occupied the top places in the rating of comfortable and comfortable shoes, have already emerged from this situation.

With the phrase "rubber" boots, you probably have one association - old galoshes or uncomfortable boots that you had to wear in your grandmother in the garden after the rain, especially you won’t go anywhere else.

Now, rubber models have absolutely changed all these outdated impressions, comfortable style and stylish appearance, made them the shoes that even world celebrities choose.

In such shoes you can travel

The first explosion was made by the well-known British firm Hunter, whose green rubber boots appeared on the legs of the world-famous Princess Diana.

This fact confirms the famous photo shoot of the princess with Prince Charles, where they walk in rather picturesque places with not the most favorable climate. Now Hunter is an adorable half brand of Hollywood, she has become one of the oldest and most respected legislators in the fashion world of rubber boots.

Now in the shops and on the benches of world famous brands, you can meet a large number of fashionable rubber boots, which are found in women's, men's and even children's performance!

Your feet will always be dry.

Can you imagine how comfortable it is to dress up your baby in bright and waterproof shoes, when you need to get out on the street urgently in inclement weather? Not only will you definitely save the baby's legs from unwanted moisture, but also raise his mood with colorful boots, because color solutions and prints are the most interesting in this shoe.

Fashionable colors and styles of rubber boots

It should be noted that rubber boots, which are usual for us, have long been gone from those old forms,Now you can find models with heels or wedges, and some models are made of so high-quality and developed rubber that they are difficult to distinguish from high-quality patent leather boots made of thin leather.

You will be fashionable in any weather.

What to say about colors and drawings, probably, this moment is the main highlight of these boots, because they can be performed in absolutely incredible color solutions, which does not worsen their appearance, but rather, on the contrary. The most important rule is to choose such models, which in color will be in harmony with your appearance.

Another, incredibly fashionable manifestation of this industry is rubber boots, which combine a rubber bottom and a textile or leather upper.

The only thing is, if you decide to purchase such a pair, then carefully follow the junction of rubber and leather, if everything is fine there, then you can safely bring such a style of shoes until late autumn.

Most modern styles are accompanied by an internal knit base, and the material of the boot itself consists of high-quality synthetic rubber. Because of this, such shoes can be worn for years with proper care.

Looks very stylish

Of particular popularity, of course, are the rubber Hunter boots, which were the first to migrate to the podium of the world podiums. Most often, they have a classic shape on a small heel, without any frills, the famous green boots like princess Diana have always enjoyed particular popularity.

Another luxury brand is the Gianmarco Lorenzi brand, which, just the same, combines rubber bottom and textile upper, their white and black models are most common, but the brand also offers blue and burgundy colors that are especially popular this season.

The main feature of the season

Of course, these boots and stand on the highest level, but do not despair, rubber boots fashionable and stylish can be purchased on the shelves of ordinary stores. In the fashion of all bright colors, from yellow to purple, various patterns and ornaments, bold hearts and frivolous smilies, geometric patterns and peas, bright spots and comic book characters are relevant. As you can see, the choice is huge, the main thing is to make it right.

How to choose a good rubber boots?

First of all, remember, rubber is not leather and not textiles, so it will not stretch and diverge along the leg.Choose the shape and size that does not exactly tighten anywhere. It would even be appropriate to buy rubber boots a size larger, since the material itself is quite cold and absolutely not warm, it is quite possible that in the slush and bad weather you will have to wear warm and thick socks.

Main bright colors

Make sure that the inner lining inside the boots themselves is made of natural fabrics, does not have any irregularities and gaps. A comfortable lining will add comfort while wearing such shoes, and will also relieve you of the majority of unsightly effects that may occur while wearing such boots.

Carefully inspect the surface of the shoe, if it is uneven, or there are holes in the paint somewhere, then it is better to abandon such a pair. This indicates its poor quality.

When choosing such shoes, it is also necessary to pay attention to the sole, on the flat, you will constantly slide in inclement weather, so it is better to stay on the relief options.

If you choose boots with a pattern or pattern, then look at its uniformity, slightly worn or smeared spots may indicate that from falling rain or snow you risk to remain without a pattern.

Create stylish images

As for the care of rubber boots, everything is simple: after each walk, they must be washed in a warm soap solution with a soft cloth. Do not sushi them under the battery or near the heater, it's best to leave them to dry at room temperature.

Suitable for all women

And remember that no matter how good they are, after all, rubber is not the material that can be designed for long and constant wear, the legs need to be allowed to breathe.

There are options and heels

What can I wear rubber boots with?

Best of all, they are combined with narrow jeans and sweaters, suitable poncho or light leather jackets, windbreakers. You can try them and under the dress, but the moment of selection of accessories is important here, so as not to look silly.

Stylish image is ready

The main thing is not to wear rubber boots with wide trousers, since it's risky to look extremely ridiculous, choose tight tight pantyhose or leggings, you can pick up a wide sweater, cardigan or knitted dress, a jacket or tunic.

Will provide comfort for a long time

If you chose rubber shoes with a bright and original print, then in clothes, then it is better to adhere to the principle of monotony. Knit or knit scarves will look like stylish well as high-quality and beautiful umbrellas that will complement your image, but also protect you in inclement weather from rain or snow.

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