Rules of etiquette in society. How to behave in the store, on the street, transport

Rules of etiquette in the theater, societyRules of etiquette in the theater

Rules of etiquette in society



By behavior in a public place, one can judge the culture of a particular person. It is distinguished: politeness and tact; Precaution and benevolence; delicacy and attentiveness; conversation in a low voice; lack of sharp movements, gestures, grimaces. In general, all that does not cause concern to others. Now we shall understand a little what the rules of etiquette in society are. Before that, we had already considered how to properly communicate by phone and the simple rules of behavior at the table of children and adults.


How to behave in the store



  1. Before entering the store, you need to skip coming out of it.
  2. If there are elderly people, pregnant women, disabled people, they will be the first to enter.
  3. Taking animals with you is strictly prohibited.
  4. With a lit cigarette, ice cream in the store are not included.


When visiting a store, men do not take off their hats, but if they stay there longer, talking to managers or the seller, then you must take off your hat.


For service in the store reliesthank. If the proposed product does not like it, it is advisable to return it with a proper explanation, but without unnecessary comments.


When there is a queue in the store, everyone must comply with it, if the person is raised and knowshow to behave in the store. If a disabled person approaches the counter, an old man with a poor state of health, a pregnant woman, a woman with a child, any well-mannered store visitor must let such customers pass by. People will notice your culture and culture, they will understand that you know how to behave in a store.


How to behave in the street



On the street, courtesy and courtesy of each is manifested in the desire not to push each other, to give way. Boys, teenagers, men help girls, women or elderly people carry heavy bags, and if theydon't know how to behave in the street, explain in a calm and polite tone.


Observe the rules of movement prescribed for pedestrians, not only politeness, but a necessity. On the sidewalk decided to walk on the right side. If you go with a group of friends, then make sure that you do not overlap the left half of the sidewalk, intended for oncoming passersby. In a narrow sidewalk, a man gives way to a woman, an elderly person.


It is indecent on the street to loudly blow your nose, sneeze, pick your nose, yawn in someone's presence. If someone sneezed, it is better to pretend that you did not notice. Do not throw garbage on the sidewalk, there are special bins for these purposes.


Laughing aloud, shouting, singing, thus disturbing passers-by on the street, is not accepted.


It is quite natural that you need to carefully treat small children, mothers with children, the elderly, the sick.


If you pushed, stepped on someone's leg, you must immediately apologize, showing your good manners, the person will notice that you know how to behave on the street. If you are the same educated person, he will not be angry, but he will say in reply: “please”, “do not worry”.


When we are forced to pass through the crowd standing on the sidewalk or, say, on the escalator, then it is necessary to use the following words: “let me”, “please”, “with your permission”.


If you get lost on the street, contact the policeman, postman, taxi driver.


Rules of conduct in transport



Rules of conduct in transport are not so complicated:


  1. at the entrance to the subway, tram, trolley bus, the bus should be allowed to go out to others;
  2. do not linger at the door, and pass into the salon;
  3. necessarily give place to older people, young mothers with children, pregnant women;
  4. school-age children do not give way to a place; they must give place to their elders;
  5. if you are traveling with a companion older than you and have given way to her, then not only she, but you too, have to thank for it;
  6. do not take dirty objects with you into transport.


If we are sick of something infectious, such as the flu, then driving in public transport is not supposed to not put other passengers at risk of getting infected. If circumstances make us ride, being unhealthy, then, coughing or sneezing, we must cover our nose, mouth with a handkerchief.


When traveling in a car, you must sit down so that the driver does not close the front view. If one person gets into the car, then she sits in the back seat on the right. During a long journey, you can sit in the front seat to follow the road.


When we ride the train, remember that here we are not alone and must be prudent to other passengers.


When we entered the compartment, it is necessary to greet everyone and take seats according to the tickets purchased. Good to give your place to an older person. It happens that a person cannot go backwards; and you do not care how to sit, give him a place.Useful siterecommends helping mothers traveling with young children, pregnant women, these are simple rules of etiquette andhow to behave in transporteveryone should know.


The passengers of the train should agree among themselves on the order in which they will change clothes, getting ready for bed and getting up in the morning. Before arriving at your travel destination, pack your belongings well in advance, if you find any things you have forgotten, documents - give them to the conductor.


How to behave in the theater and cinema



When going to the theater or the cinema, it is necessary to follow simple rules of etiquette, now let's figure out how to behave in the cinema and theater. They usually go to the movies in street clothes, girls and women do not take off their headgear. In the wardrobe, the young man helps the girl to take off her coat and gives it to the wardrobe, leaving her room.The young man enters the theater, concert and cinema hall first. It turns out the first girl. If there are two pairs, the first is a young man, then two ladies and the second one after them. In the same order, and sit down, the girls in the middle, the young men - on the edges.


If the seats are in the middle of a row, you need to sit in advance, not waiting for the last signal, so as not to disturb other viewers. If you have to disturb the seated, you need to apologize. The disturbed person does not make a disgruntled person and does not wait until they ask him for permission to pass, but he gets up in advance, noticing those walking along a narrow passage. Polite people who stood up, you need to thank.


Pass face to seated. The young man goes first. He helps his companion to sit down, dropping the seat of the chair, and sits down only after that. The young man usually sits on the left hand of the girl, but if his place is more convenient, for example, from there a scene is better visible, then the attentive young man will give way to his lady. Rising and sitting, avoid noise. The seat of the chair is lowered silently. Rising, hold the hand so that it does not hit the back of the chair. To occupy both armrests - unceremoniously. Do not lean on the back of the front seat or put your feet on it.The program and binoculars each gets by itself, and does not borrow from a neighbor. Binoculars do not stare at the hall.


When occupying a place on the balcony, do not hang binoculars, a purse, a program, or other objects on the balcony barrier. They must be held in their hands.


If for any reason you are late, then you must enter the hall quietly and sit silently at the nearest empty seat.


During the performance, of course, they are silent, and it is better to continue the conversations during the intermission. Do not rustle, do not beat the beat with your foot or hand, do not comment out loud acting mistakes.


Sincere applause - the best thanks. But the applause does not interrupt the music being played. During the concert you need to be especially careful not to start applauding too early.


Flowers to the performer with congratulations or greetings should be given to the theater employee who takes them to the stage. The public can greet the speaker or the speakers with a general stand.


The educated person expresses his dissatisfaction with the performance or the concert with an imperceptible departure from the audience.


Passing during the intermission past strollers, do not look at them.If you came to the theater not alone, do not leave a satellite or a single companion for a long time. You can go to the buffet during the intermission, but do not need to eat in the lobby, as well as in the hall. In a theater or concert, wait until the curtain falls, and do not run in advance into the wardrobe for a coat. So we learned the simple rules of etiquette and now when going to the theater you know how to behave in the theater and cinema.

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