"Russian Ninja": what is the secret of Mount Midoriam

January 28, two dozen athletes will compete for the grand prize - 5 million rubles.

His version of the cult Japanese show Sasuke in Russia was presented last fall on Channel One. More than 10 thousand people came to the Russian Ninja casting, and only 300 could take it. The audience watched for two and a half months as climbers, judoists, track and field athletes and professional stuntmen tried to pass obstacles, but a rare participant even reached the middle . Tried their forces and the girls, alas, none have been able to reach the final. As a result, out of 300 people, only 21 participants got a chance to compete for an impressive prize - 5 million rubles.

Among the finalists were representatives of various professions: the FSB captain in stock, a dancer, a sales manager, an engineer in a construction company, a fireman, an aerotube flight instructor, and many others. All of them are united by the love of a particular sport and the desire to conquer the mountain of Midoriam, this is the name of the last test,which separates participants from the cherished millions.

But in fact, the mountain is not so difficult, somehow, that is in front of it. Midoriama is a 20-meter rope, which you need to climb to the top. It would seem that, compared to what athletes have already been through, the rope is easier than ever. But the show has its own rules. The final consists of three rounds. In the first - nine obstacles that must be overcome in 4 minutes and 15 seconds. In the second, only 2 minutes is given for five new tests, and then three more obstacles follow, between which you can rest only 30 seconds.

Will any of the athletes get to the treasured mountain and money, we will find out on January 28 at 17:20. For 20 years of existence of the show (and Sasuke analogues are in Europe, USA and Asia) there were only six winners! It says a lot.

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