Salt Dough Valentines

Everyone is pleased to receive congratulations, gifts and, of course, valentines for Valentine's Day! Now you can see a lot of variety of valentines. From what they only make these congratulatory hearts: from paper, cardboard, wood, glass ... The valentine from salt dough turns out to be quite interesting. Materials and tools: • acrylic paints, brush; • • flour, salt, water (for dough); • • small bowl; • PVA glue; • strong fixation glue; • • rolling pin; • • toothpicks; • • beads; • • golden thread; • • kebab stick; • • molds for cookies; • scissors.
 Materials and Tools
1. Cooking salty dough for valentines. For its preparation will need salt, flour, water and glue. In a bowl, mix 50 grams of salt and 50 grams of flour. Mix thoroughly, add 70 g of water and knead again until smooth. Then add half a teaspoon of PVA glue, mix. The dough should be elastic and steep, and most importantly - do not stick to your hands and crumble.Otherwise, it will tear and fall apart when working.
 salted dough
2. With a rolling pin, roll the dough thinly, about 2-3 millimeters thick. We cut two hearts unequal in size. To cut a heart, you can use metal molds for cookies or make a paper template and circle it.
 roll out the dough
3. We impose a heart on each other, we align and use a stick for a shish kebab (match) to make a through hole. We need it to connect the two parts
 We superimpose a heart
4. Put aside while smaller heart. On more we make with the help of a stick two holes. These are eyes. Next, gently press a teaspoon down the heart to get a smile. It turned out funny face!
make a smile
5. Now you need to dry the heart. It is best if they dry naturally, that is, the salty dough Valentines will dry out completely overnight. There is another way of drying products from salt dough. You can dry them in the oven. About an hour to put in the oven, then pull out and let them dry for 2 hours.Then another hour in the oven, laying on the other side. After drying on the test, the crystals of the salt are clearly visible.
 the smile turned out
6. Getting to the decoration of hearts. For this we use acrylic paints. The bigger heart is painted in white, and the smaller one is painted in light purple.  we color the oven into the oven
7. After the paint dries, on the white heart we draw the eyes, the mouth. We leave it to dry completely.
 draw a smile
8. We are waiting for the heart to dry, decorated with violet paint. Then we write Love and draw another small "alt =" love "title =" love "> 9. The next step in decorating a valentine is sticking gold beads. With their glue on the edge of a large heart, using a strong glue glue. Also paste on a small heart.
 heart 9. Now you need to connect two hearts. For this action a hole is made in both parts.We thread a golden thread and tie it to several knots. You can also on the bow.
 connect two hearts
10. It turned out that such a double valentine. She will surely surprise your soul mate.
 Valentines from salt dough

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