Save money, spend money, how to be?

Save money, spend money, how to be

Save money, spend money, how to be


Are you the owner of a very broad nature and the mere thought of saving is simply unacceptable for you? But, you probably tired of the constant lack of money and their lending to paycheck?

Or, on the contrary, are you a prudent lady who plans her financial expenses for a couple of decades ahead? At the same time, your life is gloomy and joyless, because it is devoid of color from making pleasant and sudden purchases? You are confused and do not know what to do? And still spend, or save? In our article you will find answers to these questions, and learn how you can properly manage money.


“To spend, or save - that is the question!”



Some people during life try to save for some “penny” on a “rainy day”. They are convinced that the “penny saves the ruble” and this gives them a certain security and confidence in the future. There is another type of people who spend money for their own pleasure, and do not see anything wrong with it, because life is given once and it must be lived beautifully and with dignity.


Next, we consider several positive and negative aspects of each of these methods of handling money. But the choice of "spend or save" will remain only for you. We will give you a concrete example from life.


Situation one:A friend of her life has been saving money for “something” (children's education, an apartment, a car, a summer cottage). After acquiring one thing, she proceeds to the next accumulation. It turns out that all her life she plans, postpones and forever infringes upon her beloved.


The second situation:another girlfriend is a real spender. She does not think about tomorrow, lives for her own pleasure, shushes, and spends money without going anywhere.


As a result, the first friend is deprived of real female happiness, jewelry and expensive clothes, but she has everything necessary for a comfortable family existence. The second has a bunch of “such beautiful” junk, which is not needed at all, a fridge bursting with delicacies, and a husband tired of the eternal tranquility of the second half. Probably, there is no need to comment on all of the above, because everything is clear ... Both situations are absolutely extreme. You just have to draw conclusions.


Save money, spend money, how to be

How to save money, why save money?



Advantages of accumulation:



  • Life is unpredictable, and therefore in case of an unforeseen situation you will always have money.
  • Accumulating money, you can afford to purchase the necessary thing or service without borrowing money from a bank or friends. In the first case, you will save a significant amount on interest payments. In the second - keep a trusting relationship with friends. After all, the truth speaks: "Want tofrom a friend to makethe enemy,borrowhimmoney!».
  • Thanks to savings, you can make large purchases, which, as a rule, do not have enough monthly salary (for example, mink coat, dishwasher or Italian shoes).
  • While accumulating money, a person at a subconscious level feels protected and provides himself with a sense of psychological stability. It is like a kind of “airbag”.


The advantages of free money management:



  • A person who has a democratic approach to money, lives for his own pleasure - beautiful, tasty, festive, he does not feel defective and disadvantaged. He is convinced that the money, "as they came, and go away."
  • When a person freely controls his finances, a certain psychological mood is created in his head - “I am financially secure, which means I can spend money, therefore, I am fine”.
  • A person who has everything is fine, radiates only positive emotions, and attracts only bright energy. And yet, thoughts are material. If you constantly think about the black bottom, and even less to save money on it, sooner or later it can come.
  • And finally, the more you work and the easier you spend, the more you get in return.



Save money, spend money, how to be



How to learn to save money?




  • 1. Start planning your family budget. Record all your monthly expenses, compare them with the total family income, and subtract the difference. The sum which has turned out as a result, divide so that one part went on pleasant expenses - clothes, cafe, cinema, etc., and the second on "a pillow of safety" about which there was a speech above. In doing so, you will "kill two birds with one stone" at the same time - and satisfy your needs, and you will feel completely safe. Yes, and you will work with even more enthusiasm. And, therefore, save money.
  • 2Start making a personal financial plan. He, like nothing else, works out the discipline and inspires new achievements.
  • 3. Start to learn the basics of economics. After all, you want - you do not want, but without this it is impossible.
  • 4. Invest money. There are several options for investment. Experts recommend the following: gold, bank deposits, methodical accounts. Well, one point should be taken into account - money in our country needs to be invested diversified, that is, wisely. You can read more about deposits and financial risks in the relevant section.
  • 5. Every month, try to save ten percent of your salary. No, not in reserve, and certainly not on a rainy day. And in order to invest (read 4 points).
  • 6. Try to be sensible when choosing things, clothes, services, etc. Always be guided by the main rule: do not overpay for a promoted brand, if you can buy something that is not inferior in quality, and most importantly, it is much cheaper. Well, of course, no one has canceled a popular expression that says: "I am not too rich to buy cheap things."Before you buy any thing, whether it is a household item or clothing - be sure to think about whether you really need it right now.
  • 7. And of course, sometimes there should be exceptions in the rules. If today you have your eye on an elegant evening dress with a neckline, and in your wallet money is left exactly for the satisfying existence of the whole family until the end of the month - buy! Because it is because of such pleasant trifles that our female life becomes happy. And the money for food there in any case. You already know that.
  • 8. And one more key to success is pleasure. Spend money with pleasure. Save with pleasure. Everything in this life, try to do with pleasure. Indeed, life is given to us once. Therefore, if you really do something, then do it beautifully and to the fullest.

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