Scenes for the New Year 2019 - funny and modern

Meet the New Year 2019 is always more fun and interesting in a big company, when a lot of people get together to communicate, cheer up and celebrate everyone's favorite holiday. But sometimes in one company there are people who do not know each other well.

Some may be shy, others, on the contrary, make too much noise, and as a result, a mess will result. To avoid this trouble, it is advisable to plan interesting activities for all guests. A good entertainment will be sketches for the New Year 2019, funny and modern.

In a large company, the mood improves, so skits will be successful. The main thing is to involve as many participants in the process as possible and not be afraid to improvise. In most cases, people quickly get involved in the proposed occupation, start adding something of their own, actively communicate, and the evening is very fun.

The best funny scenes for a fun company

Children chatting

These scenes are modern, and they were invented especially for the New Year celebration.The forthcoming 2019 is the year of the Pig (Yellow Boar), so you can offer guests many scenes related to these animals. Excellent funny scenes, riddles and contests involving viewers. You can choose the most suitable options for your New Year scenario.

Merry scene "Wet spectators"

For the sketch, you need to prepare 2 opaque containers (for example, jugs), one filled with water, and the other - confetti. Then the host rises to say a toast. He says that in some countries where it often rains, there is a belief that on the New Year, water droplets bring happiness, and every drop that falls on a person becomes a fulfilled desire. Therefore, the rain on New Year's Eve is considered a great success. But, since we are cold and there is no rain, we need to look for other ways to attract happiness.

In the process of speech, it is necessary to demonstrate that there is water in the pitcher (for example, pour a little into a glass). At the end of the toast, it is necessary to replace the jugs unnoticeably (the assistant can pass the second pitcher under the table) and, swinging, pour the contents onto the spectators. Believing that there is water in the jug, everyone will rush into the water with a squeal and screams,But the rain from confetti will overtake them.

A very positive scene for the company "Repka"

For this sketch you need 7 participants and a presenter. Participants are assigned roles: grandfather, grandmother, granddaughter, beetle, cat, mouse and turnip. The presenter tells the story, and the participants depict what he is talking about. The task is to show the events as brightly and cheerfully.


- The grandfather put a turnip.

[Before the audience there are grandfather and turnip. They should picture how the grandfather planted the turnip. For example, a turnip can hide under a table.]

- The turnip has grown a big, big.

[Turnip shows from under the table how it grows.]

- The grandfather began to pull the turnip. He pulls, pulls, can not pull. He is calling for help grandmother.

In the future, according to the narrative, all participants join in. Well, if the role of the mouse will play a child, for example, a little girl. Babke can tie a napkin in place of a handkerchief, and for the role of a cat to invite a lady with the most beautiful manicure. When the joint effort "turnip" will be removed from the table, it must keep a surprise for all guests. With this scene you can serve cake or sweet.


Scenario "Kolobok" in a new way

The participants will be needed: grandfather, grandmother, Kolobok, hare, wolf and fox. For the role of Kolobok, the largest participant is selected and settles on a chair in the center of the room. In this case, Kolobok and fox can be a pair.


- Looked grandfather with a grandmother, who came out cute, but very gluttonous.

Gingerbread Man:

- Grandfather, grandmother, I'll eat you!

Grandfather with a grandmother:

"Do not eat us, Kolobok, we'll rewrite your apartment!"

[On stage, a hare, a wolf and a fox appear.]

Gingerbread Man:

"Hare, hare, I'll eat you!"


"Do not eat me, Kolobok, I'll give you a carrot!"

[Sends a bottle or some fruit from the table.]

Gingerbread Man:

"Wolf, wolf, I'll eat you!"


- Do not eat me, bun, I'll give you a rabbit!

[Catch the hare and pass the kolobok.]

Gingerbread Man:

"Fox, fox, I'll eat you!"

A fox:

- No, I'll eat you myself!

[Takes the "carrot" from the kolobok and releases the hare.]

Gingerbread Man:

"Oh, what a fox!" Then marry me!

[Gingerbread man and fox sit down on a chair together, the rest of the participants gather around.]


- And they began to live, live, and make good money. And the hare was adopted.

Scenes for corporate with jokes

Corporate New Year

For the corporate it is better to select mass scenes, where all those involved are involved in the action. You can play the following scenes.

Dance Scene "Around the World"

It is better to hold it when the dances begin. It will help to liberate the guests and give a good charge to a further dance evening. The host solemnly announces that all those present are invited to travel around the world. Then the melodies turn on in turn. The task of the facilitator is to bring as many guests as possible to the dance floor. We start from the Far North - the song "I'll take you to the tundra." We go on reindeer, show horns, the first stop in the gypsy camp, the song "Tsyganochka", etc.

"Sly Santa Claus"

To the guests comes an actor, dressed by Santa Claus, and invites everyone to write one at a time. Then the desires recorded are collected in a bag and thoroughly mixed. After that, Father Frost says that he recently returned from vacation, where he spent all the magical power, so guests will have to fulfill their desires on their own. The leaves are distributed again in random order, and the guests should try to fulfill the desires that they have caught.

Scenes for an adult company - the old New Year

For an adult company, less noisy but captivating scenes are required that will attract general attention.For example: problems on the intellect or small thematic competitions. The following sketches with a competitive element will work well to celebrate the old New Year.

"The closest"

The host invites several pairs of guests and gives them a mandarin, a Christmas ball and a cork of champagne. There are 3 songs for slow dance (15-20 seconds each). During the dance, couples should keep each of the objects in turn, without dropping it. The host announces: Mandarin symbolizes the sweetest thing that there is in the couple, and the freshness of the senses. A Christmas tree symbolizes the fragility of our hearts. A jam can be kept only if you know each other well. Winners receive the prize and the title "The closest."

Scene "New Year's Toast"

Several participants are invited, each one is given a list of words related to the New Year. For example: "snowflake", "Santa Claus", "Snow Maiden", "fairy tale", "love". Participants must utter a toast using these words. If words are not enough, you can ask for help from the audience and get one additional word 3 times. For the most cheerful toast is a prize. The winner is selected by the number of applauses.


Funny and modern scenes will help to quickly establish communication with each other, even if the company gathered a lot of people who were not familiar before this meeting.

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