Scorpio man How to behave?

Marina Fedotova
Marina Fedotova
March 14, 2013
Scorpio man How to behave?

If you are trying to make acquaintance with a person, and at the same time he is a representative of such a strong, independent sign as a scorpion, be careful. Why do you need to be careful? The fact is that a man born under the sign of a scorpion has subtle spiritual strength. He analyzes a lot, compares. If you started to build your relationship with sharp statements, expose your negative sides, do not have a certain charm - it will be difficult for you to seize the heart of such a man, even if you have a beautiful appearance.

If you like a man scorpion, how to behave in front of him, how to build your relationship on what you need to pay attention? We will try to answer these questions, but a lot of things depend on you.

  • As we have said, having a beautiful appearance, but without taste and charm, it will be difficult for you to predispose a scorpion to yourself. Remember that a scorpion man is attracted to femininity, seductiveness.Such a man pays great attention to the style of clothes, behavior, habits, and ability to behave in society.
  • If your future man is a scorpion, you don’t know how to behave with him, then try to discard all the women's tricks that make you act on men (these tricks do not work on a scorpion), open your soul to him, tell your desires, do not be afraid. In fact, a scorpion male is very impressionable, he remembers all the good things, that is, by embodying his desires, you can always find a friend for yourself, or maybe a husband! Remember that a scorpion male is not at all a rough, not hewn stone, he is very vulnerable, almost like a child, so he traces this feature far in himself.
  • Never try to give a reason for a man - a scorpion to feel the insincerity of your feelings, it will be a sore blow for him. Do so that your feelings are real, the scorpion will feel it, as a result of this you will become the only one for him, and he will never leave you and become attached forever.
  • Also, don't give a reason to be jealous of yourself. Keep yourself surrounded by men with restraint, without any hints, do not flirt with other men - then a scorpion man will trust and love you even more. The main sincerity of your thoughts, in relation to the scorpion and he is at your feet.
  • Scorpio men pay most attention to their moral state. That is, do not betray him, do not provoke, do not lie to him, do not point out to him his weaknesses (he already knows about them well). By following these simple rules, you will find complete confidence in the eyes of a scorpion male, and he will become your lifelong friend.

Remember, if a scorpion reveals his soul to you, it means that you did everything right!

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