Sea peony - fashionable color autumn-winter 17/18

The Pantone Color Institute presented a line of the most fashionable colors of the fall / winter 2017-2018 season.

Pantone(Panton) is a world-renowned organization, recognized authority in the field of color and supplier of color schemes and advanced technologies for accurate color transfer for various industries: printing, manufacturing of color inks, fabrics and plastics, digital technologies, fashion, architecture, interior design. Around the world, Pantone is a kind of language of color that helps to convey a message along the chain of "designer-producer-seller-buyer".

Today on the agenda colorNavy Peony - Sea Peony.

By itself, the color is quite deep, basic. It can be used to create monochrome images, and also combine with other colors.

In the autumn and winter, calm, muted combinations of colors are relevant. Sea peony goes well with all shades of purple, khaki, beige.

Sea peony with any shades of green!

For more evening or holiday combinations, you can use a golden color.

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