Secrets of organizing an interesting party in the style of the 90s

Recently, stylized parties have become very popular, because it is so interesting: to plunge into the world of the past, to experience the whole epoch or direction, to try something unusual and non-standard.

The party in the style of the 90s for many will become something nostalgic, native and already so distant, because these difficult years, for many years, have forever sunk into oblivion. Nevertheless, such an idea is a great option for leisure and company, everyone in the style of the 90s will be able to find something of his own: for someone it is memories of violent youth, and for someone just a happy childhood.

How to organize a party in the style of the 90's? Initially, you need to start making invitations - these small postcards can, at a minimum, notify all those invited about the beginning, place and style of the party, and, as a maximum, set the guests to the desired wave, awaken memories and a desire to attend the holiday "from the past."

No electronic invitation options, if you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 90s, then the cards should be made with your own hands. It is necessary to thoroughly strain the memory and remember how it was then, what was particularly popular? Perhaps you will help inserts of the famous chewing gum "Love is .." or "Turbo", which in those days were collected almost without exception.

You can use the image of musicians and artists, popular at that time, for example, "Hands Up", Alain Apina, "Ivanushki Int" and others. In addition, other “symbols” of that time can help: chips, film cassettes, a spring-rainbow for children or Tetris.

All these items will help to create the right mood, to inspire an atmosphere of difficult, but in its own beautiful, the 90s. After the gray and the constant shortage of even the most necessary goods of the 70s and 80s, starving for paints, people were very enthusiastic about everything that was bright, foreign and catchy.

Let's talk about the scenery

Evenings of this style often spend, both at home and in the office, where, of course, the interior and atmosphere have long gone beyond the last decade.last century. And to make it happen in the best traditions of a loose party, the scenery needs to be thought out in advance.

As we have said, at that time there was a real boom in goods from abroad, so the old TVs were adjacent to the Dendy console or cassette Vidic, bright posters of favorite foreign groups hung on the walls with carpets, for example Modern Talking, Madonna, Scorpions, Scooter, Roxette, as well as with the actors from the TV series "Beverly Hills" and "Santa Barbara."

The scenery of the 90s can be recreated well, using much of what is stored in your closet: for example, an old cassette recorder, a light-music system, old garlands, as well as a disco ball - no dancing could do without it at that time.

Bother to look for imported goods of that era, you can randomly arrange them around the room - they may not even work, but give a touch of the desired style. If you approach in general with all seriousness, then you can search the commission shops for the old furniture of that time, lampshades and floor lamps, perhaps a lamp TV.


Well, what a stylized party can take place without specially prepared outfits and costumes? Perhaps the fashion of that decade will seem ridiculous and absurd to you, nevertheless, it had its own characteristics and even a certain chic.

For some little things, young people gave a lot of money, because to get something imported - it was not easy at all. To be inspired by the images of the 90s, you can see photos of popular at that time musicians, actors or models - they, as clearly as possible, captured an entire era. Images of girls from "Spice Girls", a group of "Combination", the young years of Kate Moss and so on.

So what is the style of the 90s? Of course, bright leggings for tunics, short mini-skirts, all combined with the same acid leggings or leggings, T-shirts with large slogans, shiny dresses on thin straps, as well as the “schoolgirl” style - also came to us from that decade.

Among men, sportswear, jeans with high waists (by the way, girls) and denim shirts, vests, as well as the famous version of a “crimson jacket” and a gold chain, enjoyed great popularity. By the way, the grunge style is also the hallmark of the 90s, which means that we are looking for shoes on huge heavy platforms, torn tights and short shorts.


How to arrange a party of that era, so that it is not just stylish, but also fun? You need to think in advance about the plan of the event, work on the musical arrangement, come up with themed games and entertainment.

If your meeting suggests a feast, then you need to work on the menu: on the table should be dishes typical of that era, for example, salad "mimosa" and "Olivier", mashed potatoes, sausage and cheese sliced, fish and chicken. No overseas fast food, pizza, sushi and similar modern dishes. Alcohol was mainly dominated by spirits and wine.

To the music of the time, you can arrange incendiary dances, in addition, to arrange a contest "Guess the melody" or "Film on several frames." Naturally, only materials from the 90s should be used. For an active pastime, you can remember all the children's fun of the time: rezinochki, jump rope, blind man's buff, and so on.

In addition, cards, chips games, as well as games on consoles, such as Tanchiki or Mario, were popular. If you can get a working console somewhere, you can arrange a real championship with nostalgia!

There are other old contests: rolling an orange between two bodies without using hands, “who is faster to the finish with a full glass of alcohol”, after all, the good old “Love at first sight”!

In general, fantasize, remember, and you will definitely get a really bright and memorable party.

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