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Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle

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Many secrets of the oceans and seas, the secrets of the underwater world and the legends of the sea. For centuries this has attracted the attention of people. Old maps, legends about a huge octopus and amphibian people are riddles on which many generations have grown. Many decades have passed, and the secret of the Bermuda Triangle, shrouded in ominous glory, has remained unchanged. People associate with this mysterious name many inexplicable phenomena that occur in the oceans. The professors and researchers are at a loss, they are trying to solve this mystery and become even more confused in the mysteries of this anomalous zone. It is safe to say that the results of numerous studies are not so significant. At the end of the article, we offer to watch the online film “Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle”, 3 different programs.


Triangular or not?



Many people think that the territory with the name Bermuda Triangle has certain boundaries, but in fact it is not. The tops of the triangle are Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. Part of the incidents that cannot be explained occurred outside the Bermuda Triangle. But it is very close. Many researchers of the Bermuda Triangle in its own way have it, tied to different geographical points. Some associate the Devil Sea with Fr. Cuba or Haiti. There are quite a few examples of this.


It is worth noting that the name of this mysterious territory arose quite recently, more precisely in the fifties of the twentieth century. Do not assume that the name of this place occurred in ancient times. Surprisingly, tracing the tragedy in the Bermuda Triangle was possible only thanks to modern technical developments. It was these instruments that helped researchers obtain information about strange objects in the territory of the Bermuda Triangle. The disappearance of aircraft and ships from the radar screens makes you seriously think about the evil forces in this place.


Events taking place in the Bermuda Triangle



Since 1945, scientists and rescuers have begun to closely monitor the territory of the Bermuda Triangle. If not for them, the saved one hundred and forty thousand people might perish. That's the solution, but not so simple! A lot of information obtained by researchers, only filled up the piggy bank of questions. More than a hundred different kinds of vehicles have disappeared on the water and over the water since the moment they began to watch this place. Liners, small yachts and aircraft, civilian and military aircraft. Many of them simply disappeared, leaving no traces. No parts of the equipment, no traces of fuel - nothing.


Scientists have investigated the ocean floor of the Bermuda Triangle in all possible ways. It is clear that they could not lose sight of any remains of the victims. But not any remains found and was not. We can seriously say that the territory of the Bermuda Triangle is an Atlantic cemetery. It should be noted that many researchers were not in the mysterious zone to study unexplained events. But some study the Bermuda Triangle precisely because of its mysteriousness.


What do scientists do in the "Devil's Sea"?



The territory of the Bermuda Triangle causes considerable interest among researchers. Some expeditions carried out studies on the bottom, topography, sea minerals, and the composition of the earth's crust under the bottom. The course of the Gulf Stream, its influence on the weather of this area and atmosphere was also investigated. Summarizing all the information, it can be said that the scientists failed to make significant progress in studying the mysterious disappearances that occurred in the death zone. The “Sea of ​​Voodoo” (the Bermuda Triangle) is an amazing part of the expanse of water, where unexplained phenomena take place and unprecedented properties appear. But such a description of the Bermuda Triangle does not explain the true causes of the disappearance of ships, aircraft and people.


The mysterious pyramid, located in the center of the triangle



The mysterious pyramid, located in the center of the triangleOne significant discovery by scientists was nevertheless made. True, the information about it did not receive much publicity. But they were not going to classify the information either. In 1992, American scientists analyzed the bottom. A huge pyramid was found in the center of the mysterious zone. It may seem incredible, but the dimensions of this pyramid were 3 times the size of the pyramid of Cheops.Scientists have been devoted more than a month to work on the collection of information and research on this underwater object. After this information has been provided.


In addition to the huge size, an absolutely smooth surface is characteristic of the pyramid. Information was received that the pyramid was made of a perfectly even material. Shells and algae were not found on it. Nothing tells us that the pyramid is in the salt water for a long time. It turns out that ocean waters do not act on it. Eyewitnesses stated that the pyramid was created from a material that resembles glass or smooth ceramics. The pyramid is not divided into blocks, as is done in Egypt. Officially, studies at the bottom of the "triangle" were not conducted. It is possible that information about them is simply classified.


Maybe this is what is left of us from the Atlantes?



Many legends say that the inhabitants of the mysterious Atlantis saved the storage of the gene pool and the knowledge of mankind. Some suggest that such repositories are located in the pyramid of Cheops and in the Tibetan temple of Potala. But the hypothesis about the location of the disappeared continent on the territory of the Bermuda Triangle has not been confirmed.Scientists have also suggested that the inhabitants of Atlantis are in the ocean, where they live today, in cities that look like a dome.


Such an assumption may seem fantastic, but, casting aside doubts, looking closer at the facts, one can say that such a course of history is possible. The shores of Puerto Rico are frequented by luminous flying objects. And in the center of Bermuda such phenomena were noticed. Objects like a cigarette were thrown out of the water and rotated in a zigzag fashion. The territory of the Bermuda Triangle is under the supervision of the US Navy. She could not comment on such phenomena.


What is fraught with Bermuda triangle?



Everything hidden will someday be revealed. Someday people will find out what this mysterious zone is fraught with. For now, you just have to wait and learn about new messages and incredible events. The Bermuda Triangle holds many surprises, some of which are not very pleasant. All this attracts and at the same time scares many researchers around the world. But the task of these researchers is to prevent the appearance of human victims.

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