Serena Williams shared video from honeymoon

The fact that the newborn husband of Serena Williams - Alexis Ohanian - does not save on pampering her husband, became clear a week ago: the tennis player, as it were, accidentally boasted on Instagram with her wedding ring, which the experts immediately estimated at $ 2 million. A generous gift! But the 34-year-old founder of Reddit did not stop there either: on the second day of the wedding, the newlyweds escaped the guests by boarding a private jet that took them to one of the resorts in the Bahamas called Kamalame Cay. Yesterday, Selena shared with the subscribers a video shot by Alexis, where you can see the villa rented by the newlyweds, where they spent their honeymoon - or rather, honeymoon week.

Post by Serena Williams (@serenawilliams)Nov 28 2017 at 5:14 PST

Magnolia, the so-called Villa of Serena and Alexis, is located near the ocean and is able to satisfy the most demanding guests: they organize cruises to admire stunning sunsets, have picnics on a private beach, give lessons for those who want to scuba dive.Such a pleasure is not cheap - $ 5,000 per night, but you can safely rely on romantic seclusion: you can only get here by helicopter or plane, so that on vacation the newlyweds could not hide from the paparazzi. “A week in paradise. Thank you @bookingcom for helping to find the perfect honeymoon villa, ”Serena wrote under the published video.

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