Sewing home slippers boots

We will need: - Fleece: black and red; - Sintepon; - Patterns for size 37; - Scissors; - Leather. 1. Take the patterns;
 sewing home slippers boots
2. Cut them out of fleece, padding and leather (sole);
 sewing slippers boots
tailoring of slippers boots 3. We take the cut out details of the ears, connect the black with the red and sew;
 sewing slippers boots
4. Thus we sew all the ears;
 sewing slippers boots
5. We turn and grind to 0.5 centimeters;
 sewing slippers boots
6. We sew in pairs the details of a synthetic winterizer to the details of black fleece; 7. We sew a detail of the sock and the main part of the product;

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