Sharon Stone poses in 59 bikini

It seems that celebrating Independence Day by the pool is becoming a new trend among the stars. At least those who have something to brag about. For example, Sharon Stone once again summoned admiring comments about his slim figure, and in particular the perfect press.

At 59, the actress, without exaggeration, looks just as sexy as she did 25 years ago in The Basic Instinct, and men still confess their love to her. “My God, go crazy! I was a teenager in love with you and still dream of marrying you, ”a fan of Sharon writes under a picture in a bikini, captivated by her beauty.

Sharon Stone (@sharonstone)Jul 5 2017 at 1:57 PDT

The very same actress assures that she does not have so many admirers. “Men run from me, they fear me,” Sharon complains. “In fact, I do not consider myself to be sex symbols, I am rather a girl in baggy clothes, in a bag with which there will always be a couple of books,” she shy. “But I love myself and my body.” Only by being confident can you be sexy. ”

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