Sharpei effect: Buzova flashed a double chin

The singer surprised fans with a full face.

Olga has repeatedly complained that she eats little, just does not have time and therefore has lost much weight. All she was advised to gain weight, and it seems that it happened.

Recently, the star opened its second restaurant and distributed interviews. In the meantime, someone was filming it on a video that Olga later published on social networks. But now it seems to the fans that Buzova did it without particularly looking, because the angle is so unsuccessful that sometimes the chin of the most enviable bride of the country is gathered into a double chin. Someone even joked on the net that the singer looked like a Shar-Pei.

Haters rushed to compare the photos of Oli with the video and came to the conclusion that in the pictures the star is always the owner of the ideal oval of the face, just turned, and in the video, what is in reality. That is the difference, as they say, like heaven and earth.

Photo: @ buzova86

And this is far from the first time when Buzov is accused of socially using social networks for retouching his photos.Literally in mid-August, the celebrity was shamed for a painted press that suddenly appeared where it wasn’t there just a day ago. Now, fans doubt the ideality of Olga’s features. Is it really?

Many of the girls who stumbled across this video and lively discussion on the web were quick to put on a rant. Badly can each of us. In addition, if you do not follow your facial expressions and behave naturally, when talking or a strong smile, the effect of the Shar-Pei may indeed occur. This is quite normal and once again suggests that Olga is not shy about herself, does not try to idealize, wants to be as real as possible, and not a doll that takes only advantageous poses. Moreover, in the last year, everyone around us was desperately asking Buzov to eat more and get better.

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