Silicone Cream - Effective Hand Protection

Silicone is often used for the manufacture of cosmetics due to the fact that it is able to reliably protect the skin. Hand cream with this substance in the composition has a unique enveloping effect, for which it is valued by women.

The main properties of hand cream with silicone

Silicone cream among the other means of care is different in its composition and texture. It evenly envelops the skin, thereby creating an inconspicuous protective film. It serves as a barrier that protects the skin from the effects of aggressive external factors.

silicone cream
Silicone Cream - Soft Hand Protection
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This cosmetic is applied before the upcoming cleaning or washing dishes. It is important to remember that silicone is not absorbed into the skin. Therefore, after cleaning it is necessary to wash off the remnants of the cream with soap.

The main properties of cosmetics based on silicone:

  • protection from cold and wind;
  • peeling prevention;
  • skin softening;
  • protection against moisture and aggressive household chemicals.

In addition to silicone, the cream may contain essential oils, extracts of medicinal plants and vitamins. These components perfectly moisturize, nourish the skin, contribute to the processes of its regeneration.

Popular creams with silicone

Reviews of silicone creams allow you to highlight the most popular cosmetic products:

  • cream "Bioperchatki" from the brand "Zhivin";
  • cream "Silicone" from the trademark "Freedom";
  • cream "Silicone" from the brand "Kalina";
  • Cream "Silicone" from the brand "Belita-Vitex".

Means from the Zhivin trademark apply both in house, and in production conditions. It prevents contamination and damage to the hands. Thanks to the urea in the composition, the cream softens the skin, effectively eliminates peeling.

Cosmetic product from the trademark "Freedom" is a classic. In its composition there are no additional components, so this cream is used only to create a protective film on the hands. The trademark "Kalina" produces a similar tool.

Silicone hand cream from Belita-Vitex has a wider range of actions.Its composition contains an extract of calendula. It accelerates the healing of small wounds, cracks. Moreover, calendula is an effective antiseptic ingredient.

Despite the large number of analogues, silicone hand cream remains popular. It effectively protects the skin from pollution, exposure to cold, moisture, household chemicals and at the same time is inexpensive.

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