- waterproofing price.

Waterproofing of building structures is one of the most important issues that have to be addressed during the construction process. Properly selected waterproofing material will allow you to avoid rust, mold, fungus, as well as premature destruction and repair of structures in your home. The choice of waterproofing plays a crucial role in the construction of pools, it does not allow groundwater to seep into the pool bowl, keeping the water inside clean. Modern waterproofing materials are much better than their predecessors and allow to achieve almost perfect results. CRYSTALLIZOL is one of the most practical and reliable materials. It is available crumbly or in the form of mastic (it depends on the surface on which to apply it). Its indisputable advantage is the possibility of producing works not only from the inside, but also from outside the buildings, and also during the pouring of the concrete mix. Crystallizol refers to penetrating waterproofing materials.When applying the solution on the base between them occurs a chemical reaction. Under the influence of water and osmotic pressure, the crystals of the waterproofing material expand and penetrate the base to a depth of 10 to 60 cm. As a result, the concrete base becomes not only waterproof, but also more durable. In addition, subsequently, upon further exposure of water to the structure, the reaction is resumed and the structure gains even more strength. Thus, CRYSTALLIZOL is a versatile and perfect material for hydroisation. Firm "GidroStroyKomplekt" engaged in the production and wholesale of the entire range of materials of this brand for more than five years. One of the undoubted advantages of this material is that the development and the entire production is located directly in the Russian Federation, therefore the price of waterproofing based on crystallisol is relatively small. Branches of the company already exist in Moscow and most of the regional and regional centers of western Russia. At the moment, the company continues to expand towards the Far East.In 2011, one production department was opened in Chelyabinsk, which opened up new opportunities for trade in the eastern region. In addition, the company has many partners throughout Russia and even in Israel.
The company GidroStroyKomplekt repeatedly presented its products at international exhibitions and took part in several well-known projects: in the construction of the Kazan metro and the restoration of the Kremlin’s Faceted Chamber. The production facilities and scientific developments of GSK make it possible to produce materials of the highest quality, and many regional dealers help organize prompt delivery. Information on waterproofing materials and the company "GidroStroyKomplekt" provided on the materials of the site

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