Sneakers, pumps, boots: what shoes should be on each

In the shoe collection of actress Lora Reznikova there is not one pair of shoes, gym shoes and shoes. But is this a good thing? The star of the film "The Fifth Guard" and the TV series "Witnesses" speculated about the main subject of women's wardrobe in her column for

Laura Reznikova, actress:

- Immediately make a reservation: on my personal experience, hundreds of pairs of shoes are beautiful, but the elements that have to be reckoned with and managed. And this is not easy at all.

1. Ensure that everything is in its place.

2. Lay out so that all the right shoes are always at hand to any version of your wardrobe. And not the way we usually have: we really wear 20 percent of the entire collection, the rest is simply forgotten in the secret corners of the apartment.

3. Ruthlessly say goodbye to even the most beloved samples, when they became hopelessly old-fashioned (usually this happens just with the shoes that were not just fashionable at the time of purchase, but fashionable, but more on that later ...).

4.Throw out those that are out of order and are not subject to restoration.

5. Change the heel and prevention on the sole.

If you are not ready for such a shoe orgy, then I suggest a basic set of shoes. And further, depending on what is more in your life - walks with a child, social events or office everyday life, you add to this set.

Boat: not black, but beige

Lora Reznikova
Lora Reznikova
Lora Reznikova
Lora Reznikova
Photo: Katerina Matusova
Photo: Katerina Matusova
Photo: Katerina Matusova

So, my favorite is the classic shoes of the heel that is convenient for you (here someone feels better: who is ready to flit on a ten-centimeter stiletto all day long, and to someone dearer a modest but comfortable 5-centimeter). Oddly enough, I will offer as the first pair not black, but beige, in tune with the color of the legs. This shoe is combined with almost all classic dresses and skirts of any length in case there are bodily transparent tights on the leg, and even better - a bare leg. And they are indispensable for outlets, when you couldn’t find any specific spectacular shoes or sandals for your elegant dress! Just a perfect harmonious sophisticated shoes, albeit not fussy, but you can always add elegance with jewelry, handbags and other accessories.

Or is it black?

They are the same, but black is a good idea to have as an alternative, especially for those who have an office dress code or many skirts, dresses and black trousers.

Or maybe white?

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Instead of blacks I will offer fashionistas to get lacquered white boats. They unexpectedly burst into our images as a stylish, unusual, refreshing accent, perfectly suited even to jeans, even to sports-style pants with stripes, to any cocktail dress.

However, then I would advise boats to slow down.

Well, except to have some fancy evening boats strewn with rhinestones, if you can afford such self-indulgence to wear exclusively on the way out.

Sandals - Required

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In general, for large outlets, I would prefer beautiful sandals. Two or three pairs of sandals for the summer, one of them is necessarily on a flat course - in the heat the legs get tired faster, and some also swell, I really want comfort. My choice is metallic colors: in silver and gold, for those cases when it is necessary to choose the color of the metal for jewelry and the color of clothing. Plus slaps as a beach shoe.

No sneakers anywhere

We descend from heaven to earth, from holidays to weekdays, and remember that from year to year not only do not lose popularity, but white sneakers are in increasing demand.

You can, of course, pomodnichat and buy an unusual style, if you can afford sneakers for 1-2 seasons (very fashionable, as I said above, very quickly hopelessly becomes obsolete). But I prefer the classic adidas models, neutral and ideally white. After all, today white shoes, as we remember, are combined absolutely with any clothing of all styles and colors.

Rough classic

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On a relaxed weekend during the cold season, as well as an alternative to sneakers, Timberland boots are good. This pretty rough shoes has also become a classic.

And I urge you not to forget about such seemingly insignificant shoes as slippers for your home. I propose to acquire at least two pairs - beautiful, perhaps coquettish satin mules on the heel - on days when you want to feel at home like a fluttering fairy. And soft cozy on a flat sole - when you want to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Boots with an average heel look cheap

In the cold season, of course, we need boots.But I would dissuade as the only pair to buy something on an average heel - it looks a bit cheap, if, of course, this is not about the legendary boots Stuart Weitzman. I would opt for a beautiful version of "jockey" boots, on a flat sole or a very small wide one and a half centimeter heel. These boots - a sample of good taste and elegance. The colors of timeless classics are black or rich brown. Daring and flirtatious can not do without boots on high heels, now they are very nice to combine with a skirt below the knee, which covers the top of the boots.

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