Soft plastic bottle stool

plastic chair bottles
To make a soft chair from plastic bottles you will need: • 1.5-liter plastic bottles - 24 pieces; • scotch; • scissors; • wooden box for vegetables; • • knife; • • not needed sweater; • foam rubber; • • fur flap; • • threads; • needle. The required number of plastic bottles is divided in half, half of them cut off the top with a cork and is thrown away. The remaining bottom blank is put on the whole bottle. Such details are collected by 12 pieces. Now, every three parts with each other are fastened with adhesive tape, 4 rectangular blanks should turn out.
 Cut the plastic
is put on the whole bottle

 details going to 12 pieces
Prepared bottles are inserted into a wooden box, tightly pressed and fixed with adhesive tape in this state. If bottles are selected with the indicated capacity, they are firmly seated in the box, and no additional binding is required.
 are inserted into the wooden box
 inserted into the wooden box
 are inserted into the wooden box
 we bond with tape
 fasten with adhesive tape
 old sweater Next, a chair cover is prepared from any sweater out of use. The upper part with sleeves is trimmed, and the lower part is put on the chair. A rectangle with sides of 30 and 40 cm is cut from a piece of foam rubber of any desired thickness. For a covering of the seat, a flap of fur measuring 46 * 56 cm is cut.In the corners, the fur is cut at a right angle and stitched, as shown in the photo. The prepared cover is put on the foam rubber and placed on the chair. At the corners, the cushion is attached to the sweater's fabric with a needle thread.  we dress the old sweater
 dress an old sweater
 rectangle of a piece of foam rubber
 a patch is cut and
 sew a patch of fur
 the cover is put on foam rubber
the cover is put on foam rubber
 case is put on foam rubber
 plastic bottle stool
A soft highchair is ready and can withstand weight up to 100 kg.
 plastic bottle stool

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