Sphynx cat breed

The most unusual breed of cats can surely be called the sphinx breed - a cat without a coat. The attitude to these funny animals is quite ambiguous: if one is delighted with them, then others categorically do not accept a specific appearance.


It is assumed that hairless cats arose as a result of natural mutations. The exact reasons for the lack of coat in the Sphinx are unknown. There are three types of Sphynx: Canadian Sphynx, Don Sphynx and St. Petersburg Sphynx. Recognition in the world has so far received only Canadian Sphynx, whose history goes back about 40 years. More young breeds - Don and St. Petersburg - are still on the way of development. These breeds are a little over 15 years old.


Sphynx Cats History



Naked cats were known in ancient times. The Aztecs deified these unusual creatures and kept them in the temples. Naked cats lived in the palaces of the Egyptian pharaohs and were the subject of worship. There is evidence that bare cats in the 20s lived in Mexico, in the 30s in Morocco, India and Paraguay.But at that time nobody was engaged in their breeding and they quickly disappeared.


The history of modern sphinxes began its report in 1966, when in Canada, an ordinary cat was born a kitten without hair. An attempt was made to start breeding these cats, but the attempt ended in failure. The reason was the small number of the breed, the high mortality among kittens, the ignorance of the genetics of the sphinx and the wrong breeding strategy. But in 1975, in the US state of Minnesota, another naked kitten was born, whose mother was an ordinary short-haired cat. A year later, another naked cat was born there. These kittens became the founders of the most elite line of the breed. In the late seventies in Toronto, three hairless kittens were found outside: a cat and two kitties. Kitty was in critical condition. He needed several operations. And although he managed to save his life, he was not destined to become the ancestor of the breed. Two cats were sent to Europe, where they marked the beginning of the European branch of the Canadian Sphynx breed. As a result of crossing Sphynx with Devon Rex, they lost their original features, such as heavily wrinkled skin.In modern Canadian Sphynx, the folds are preserved only on the neck and on the limbs. And although the kittens are still born wrinkled, their folds are smoothed with age. Sphinx becomes more and more like a statuette.


The Canadian Sphinx today is a medium-sized cat, with a muscular body, a prominent muzzle, huge ears and a mesmerizing look of oval eyes.


For some time, the Canadian Sphynx was the only breed of a naked cat, until in 1987 a resident of Rostov-on-Don picked up on the street an incomprehensible, by the presumption of a woman, a sick kitten. The kitten was healthy and later became the ancestor of the Don Sphynx. Russian breeders quickly joined the work on the breeding of a new breed and in a short period received a new breed, which is now known all over the world.


Common to the Canadian and Don Sphynx is only the absence of wool cover. In other respects, cats have significant differences. The Don Sphynx has a rather heavy and powerful backbone, the Canadian Sphynx is more refined. In the Canadian Sphynx, the head is shorter and the transition from the forehead to the nose is more noticeable.The eyes of these two breeds are especially distinguished. The Canadian sphinx's eyes are oval, in the Don rock they are more obliquely set oblong. The eyes of the Don Sphynx are unique, such eyes are not found in any known breed of cats either in shape or in location.


They differ not only in phenotype, but also in genotype. The lack of wool in the representatives of the breeds is caused by the presence of different genes.


If you take the sphinx on your hands, you can feel a hot body, rough to the touch. Sphinx loves to sit at the master on his shoulder. Sphinxes are good for water and always happy to splash. Another feature of the Sphinx are long, well-developed fingers, with membranes between them. They are happy to take food paws and put in your mouth.


Sphynx are very intelligent and sociable animals. They are mobile, cheerful, energetic, love children, get on well with other pets. Sphinxes are unusually tender and gentle, they love to poke their faces in the face of the owner and look intently into his eyes, which is unusual for animals. They are curious and take part in all the affairs of family members. They should always be the center of attention. Sphinxes are not aggressive and not vindictive.These cats are very clean, we must remember that they never go to the toilet in the uncleaned tray.


Sphynx character



The content of the sphinx has its own characteristics. First of all, it is necessary to provide a warm room and even warm clothes for the sphinx, although sphinxes tolerate coolness quite well. Sphinxes love to sleep under a blanket, putting the head on the pillow and clinging with all their hot bodies to the owner. Sphinx has a higher body temperature, increased heat transfer and faster metabolism. This affects the appetite of the Sphinx - they are, literally, omnivorous, and ready to eat all the time. The owner of the Sphynx must strictly monitor compliance with the diet of the cat and prevent overeating, which can lead to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or obesity. If you have any problems with the health of the sphinx, you need to contact the vet - the treatment of sphinx is different from the treatment of cats of other breeds. Sphynx ears require special care, because of the rapid accumulation of secret in them, so it is recommended to clean the ears as often as possible. Sphynx eyes should be washed daily, because cats lack eyelashes and eyelids can stick together due to secreted secretion. Sphynx are prone to such an unpleasant disease as acne - acne.The main cause of acne is hyperfunction of the sebaceous glands. The disease is often hereditary and is associated with the color of the animal. More prone to disease blue, cream and red sphinxes.


The third representative of the Sphynx - the St. Petersburg Sphynx (Peterbald), obtained by crossing the Don Sphynx and the Oriental cat in 1994. The shape of the head, ears and eyes of this species of sphinx differs from previous breeds. Peterburd is a big tall cat on long limbs. He can not be called absolutely naked cat. The body of peterbald is covered with a subtle subtle undercoat.


Caring for this breed



All three types of sphinxes have similar character traits. All of them are benevolent, sociable, love the company of people and are very attached to the owner. The same can be said about the care of sphinxes: the specificity of caring for these cats is associated precisely with their "naked" state.

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